How long after submitting sf86 do you get contacted?

I know I’m probably early in the process (1 month since submitting) but I’m curious to how long and how exactly you will be contacted by the BI investigator to know the process as started.

I’m afraid that maybe I missed a call or the investigation didn’t open and I’m wasting my time.

Usually how long after submitting your sf86 were you then initially contacted?

This is for an IC position agency wise.

Anywhere from two weeks to 1.5 years. Answer your phone, make sure your voicemail is set up, and actually check your voicemail and you won’t have an issue.


It just depends on the city you live, case load per investigator, and current weather conditions. :grinning:  You should be contacted soon but could be anywhere from 1-6 months for initial contact. Not all people have investigator interview for “Secret.” You can also monitor your credit to see if you’ve had any inquiries.
-Oh, and don’t fret about missing a call. They will continue to call and leave messages if they don’t get ahold of you.

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For our contract we normally see a start date about 2 months out from submission. So if I see it has passed 70 days, and the say it is in process…I can say “no, it is not.” Normally the BI closes in 4 months, and we have a pending poly and adjudication. Interestingly enough I have one where the BI was initiated, has been running 16 months, they had a poly a year ago tomorrow…and the BI is not closed yet. I need call and see if it fell off their radar.

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You just gave me some hope for my DOS Secret clearance as it was submitted few months ago. Feb 2019 will be my 90 day mark for a status check.. Then again, everyone in here going from a DOD Secret to a DOS Secret been reporting applying for Social Security benefits because it is taking awhile :slight_smile: I might be doing the same thing unless you are my FSO, and I just don’t know it yet…LOL

Can you kindly expand a bit about this "So if I see it has passed 70 days, and the say it is in process…I can say “no, it is not.”

If it’s not in process then what?

Sitting on the corner of a desk. It happens. If it is a very simple BI or a complex one. Different reasons impact why it sits, or in the hand off when one person moves on. Honestly I’ve seen it about 10 times over 8 years with current client. A recent 18 year old with no foreign travel took 12 months to get a Secret clearance. Those are usually easy to get if they lived in one town. So I see anywhere from 4 to 12 months on Secret and 18 to 24 months on TS. It doesn’t make any sense to check on them once I see they initiated the investigation until it exceeds those parameters.

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Hmmm…I think my investigation has been going on a long time (a little over 2 years) for a PR and I already have a clearance. I’ve got some interwoven issues so I don’t know if I’ll ask about it anymore. Like you said, what’s the rush?

Two years is a long time for a PR to start. Is this a NBIB case?

I submitted my Sf-86 in March 2018… this particular agency (DoD) does its own BI, I’d assume I’m not waiting on NBIB. It’s NOW January 1st and I haven’t heard from an investigator yet.

Yeah, so color me confused…

(It’s for a TS/SCI)

I submitted my SF-86 in August 2018. OPM checked my credit October 5, 2018 and now I hear crickets. My agency is trying to get an interim for me as I cannot do my job at all without it.

backgdinvestigator, yes. DoD TS/SCI clearance. Investigation began in late 2016…Oct timeframe I think. Still open the last time I checked.

Not until December right before the Holidays. So far i have heard nothing, Interim is not happening.

Just for an example: My T5 took just shy of 2 yrs, and was an easy job for an investigator as far as I’m concerned. Just no telling, there are so many factors like lmikelowrey stated…“weather conditions”…maybe since the exec order finally came down things will move faster. Hang in