Suitably timeline...

How does it usually take and is it safe to assume, I’ve at least jumped that hurdle?

I submitted my SF-86 during the second week of March 2018 and heard from them 2 weeks later in reference to missing information.

Clearance eligibility and suitability tend to go hand in hand. If something deragotory was developed earlier on and you were found unsuitable, you’d hear before/during processing your 86. If during your BI derog develops, the agency may find you unsuitable and terminate the BI. They may also complete the BI in its entirety then decide on suitability.

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This entire process is maddening.

So I’ll ask you this, as I’ve asked others, based on the amount of time since I’ve submitted the SF-86 — NO news is good news at this point?

If you dont have any issues then just wait for the results, these things take time.

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Thank you. This is ALL new to me. Just very anxious… because I’m up against the clock with respect to getting into the feds— I’m 34 going on 35…lol.

We’re all anxious here. It’s a long haul process, sorry to say…

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Many months passed between my submission of the SF-86 and contact. Depending on what you’re going for, expect each stage in the process to take weeks, if not months. At the end of it all, you’ll face an investigation and adjudication timeline that has done nothing but climb over the years - secrets are now taking a year and top secrets are creeping into 2 year+ territory, depending on the agency.

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we have public trusts in my agency that are taking about 1.5 to 2 years unfortunately.

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Thanks!!! It seems so excessive, but I guess it. I’m going for a TSC at a intelligence agency with the DoD.

Wow, that is really unfortunate.

Not only maddening, but also very frustrating and unfair.

Once things get to the BI stage, you’re entirely at the mercy of whatever “informants” the investigators have “developed” and whatever those informants say, irrespective of accuracy.

Why are you here?

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@EdFarmerIII, Are you referring to me?

No . . . I’m not . . .

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Just curious, does this IC org have a hiring pool for cleared applicants? If it’s the agency I am thinking of, then you are likely in for an even more excessive and frustrating wait for an EOD AFTER you are cleared.

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I would assume we’re referring to the same agency.

We all must be waiting for the same agency. I was cleared last July for the DoD TS/SCI eligible clearance and have been waiting since then to get granted the SCI from the IC.

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well, at least at this point I can build up my vacation time at me current job…lol.