SF-86, Minor frustration setting in

It’ll be 1 year in March since I sent in my SF-86… and have NOT even had my subject interview yet for an TS/SCI (DoD IC Agency that does it’s OWN BI)… Is this normal?

Not really. But it depends if the FSO found multiple errors on the form or processed it further themselves. Normal turnaround for my office is about 10 days. Some packages come in needing a lot of additional info they just left out. Once submitted the BI should initiate within 60 days. Most of the IC severely limits who can access their clearance database. So it isn’t as easy as looking into JPASS. It can only be accessed from a TS computer. If the company is located off a client compound they likely do not have access to even check. But they should follow up and send a list to the responsible clearance division showing dates submitted and that you did not yet get a subject interview. I am currently working on an employees SF86 submitted in both January and March of 2018. I have read receipts for each package. After routine follow up we see nothing was initiated. They once again asked for a direct submission of a new SF86 with fresh signatures. So can it get lost or misplaced in the shuffle between new clearance people and old? Absolutely. I would request the FSO to trace it and see if there is a visible reason why it hasn’t moved. It may show one was initiated…but once BI person may have moved on…it got pushed to the side for some item of complexity and then it just gets easier and easier to ignore.

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May I ask in what city do you live?

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Ok, so here’s a little more detail:

It’s not for a private contractor— I think that’s the bases of some of the details in your response?

After submitting the 86, I was contacted a week later informing that only 1 piece of information that was missing. I submitted the information within a couple of hours.

In August, my credit was ran…I was given 45 days to midigate the issue. I fixed the issue and submitted the corrections within only (7) days.

Fast forward to December, I received a voicemail from said agency informing me that I was still “processing…” and thanked me for my patience.

A week later, I also received and email from agency XXX stating that they have created a new website that would allow applicants to further track their progress at some point this month.


(Yes, I know, I should be waiting for the portal… but I’m still curious as to why I haven’t heard from a BI)


I live in a Suburb of Philadelphia.

Seems they have initiated then. I would wait for the portal. Honestly it takes 18 months to 2 years for normal TS SCI eligibility approval. Since you are not at 12 months you are way ahead of the impatient curve. You seem to be moving normally. I would wait another 30 days for the portal, or google when the portal is available. Not unusual for new tech sites to be delayed due to tech glitches.

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You may NOT always give the answers that people wanna here (LOL)… but you certainly are informative!!!

Thank you for all your repsonses AND help!

I’ll just fall back and wait.

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A year since you sent it in and you are only feeling minor frustration? That’s much better than how I would be feeling :tired_face:

This is purely speculation on my part but the fact that you had that financial concern, even though you responded promptly, may have shifted your case to the “when we get around to it and if we feel like it” pile. I think there are still some IC agencies that hope you will just go away before they have to issue a formal denial.

Again, pure speculation, maybe think of it as a worst case scenario. It sounds like you are still on the list of candidates if I am interpreting that bit about the new website correctly.


@sbusquirrel… I hope the former part of your startment is incorrect…lol

And more than likely, I’d like to think the latter is more accurate. The financial issue was minor at best and I provided everything that they needed.

And yes, that fact that I was reached out to out of nowhere seems to be a good sign… but who knows.

BTW, I got that voicemail one Saturday morning

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@ele… yeah? I got mine early afternoon.

So we’re in the same boat it seems… may I ask where you live and what type of position it is?

Top Secret for multiple positions. My resume was shared with another agency and now I have a cjo from them too. I specialize in pedagogy. From the PNW. I have no issues with drugs, alcohol or credit. I own my house and pay taxes on time. My way of living clearly indicates that I am a responsible person and people speak highly of me. I obtained all of my degrees from institutes in the US and graduated with the highest honor. I passes all exams for both agencies (not physical) I might face issues or lengthy processing due to being dual citizen, traveling and having foreign contact.

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Wow… check you out.

I’m just a guy from Philly…lol.

How long have you been in the process?

A year from submitting my resume and six months since meeting with a BI.

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@Trey3, this is based on the assumption that you received a conditional/tentative job offer with a federal agency as a government employee. You will want to read the offer letter.

I do know that certain agencies have the following similar language in a conditional job offer: Agency X reserves the right to rescind its conditional offer of employment if after a lapse of one year (12 months) from the date of the offer, you have not been granted a XXXXX security clearance, or there is a change in mission needs.

If yours has something like that, it might be advisable to be proactive about it and see if you can secure an “extension”.

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Yes, I have read the CJO completely…

Hopefully, this is NOT the case with my current situation.

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