I have a DOD issued TS/SCI and was told to fill out another SF86 for a contractor job for an Intel Agency

Hello All, I am posting here to see if anyone can shed some light on my particular situation.

My TS/SCI was adjudicated in 10/2017 through the Army Reserves (DOD). I recently accepted an offer to work for the NGA as a contractor. The contract is through a third party company and not directly through NGA. I was asked by the contractor company to complete a SF-86 that my new employer’s FSO will submit to the NGA to see if I get cleared to work at their facility.

I need help in understanding this. I thought that since my TS/SCI was recently adjudicated and verifiable through JPAS, why am I being asked to complete another SF86 and how long will it take? The HR rep for the contracting company advised me that it will take about 2-3 weeks from start to finish to get an answer back from eNom. I already received start day from my company but now they’re telling that it might need to be pushed back depending on what NGA decides.

I’m somewhat hesitant to believe it will only take 2-3 weeks for a new SF-86 when for my current TS it took about 18 months. And why would they ask for the same info for a clearance that I already possessed? Has anyone else experienced something similar?

thank you all.

Hopefully they just want the SF-86 to get the process started, and they will use your existing investigation. But it would not surprise me if they wanted to do their own adjudication, which could very well take several weeks if not a couple months.

Unfortunately statements from HR folks about the security clearance process have proven to be very unreliable.

I was in the Army Reserve and one time I had a problem getting my clearance transferred for a contractor job while it was being updated, but still active. And that contract was for the Army.

Your current TS/SCI only took 18 weeks from submission of SF-86 (in 2017) to adjudication?

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Many agencies, especially ICs, will have you resubmit the security questionnaire.

Reciprocity is an issue with the clearance process across Agencies (and sometimes within agencies).

My apology, I meant 18 months.

That’s how I feel that they’ll do their own investigation and will take more than 2-3 weeks. Should I then withdraw my candidacy from this job? My current job is ending within the next month (I work as a DOD contractor in a non TS role). Under my offer letter I am prohibited from accepting offers from other employers while this is going on. I’m just worried that I will be out of a job and options…

I’ve heard of some weird clauses but never heard that before. How do they propose to enforce this? Are you currently employed by them?

A friend was given an offer letter with a rather broad non-compete clause. He said to them, this could be interpreted to say that I could never work for anyone else ever again. They dropped it.

True, no way to enforce this. I’m just hoping everything goes smoothly. I’m anxious…

I know this is random but I wish mine would only take 18months plus adjudication!