How long is an SCI investigation?

I have a DoD TS that was granted February 2019 and an SCI that was granted July 2019. At my new current job, which I have been working for over a year, I apparently need to resubmit a long form SF86 for my SCI again. That was long and crappy ordeal (which you can see from my previous posts), but the CPSO said to me that while I am filling out a new SF86, my DoD TS is still intact, but my SCI is what I am being investigated for. This whole process started November of this year. If that is true, how long will the wait time be before I am granted SCI? The CPSO said this isn’t an SSBI so I am going to assume I and my contacts will not be called by any investigator. I just want to make sure If I should be expecting a call and if so what is the longest to wait time before you start bugging your CPSO again.

Best case scenario, they look at the new SF86, decide nothing has changed and grant you SCI after the usual mysterious adjudication period. Given the backlog and everything, I suspect they will try to go this route if at all justifiable. In this case, 3-6 months from submittal.

Worst case scenario: the full Monty including adjudication.

One missing data point: You said your TS was granted Feb 19 but when was the investigation completed? If the investigation is less than two years old that would make it more likely they would not need (or want) to do the full investigation over again as your security person (havent heard CPSO before) suggests.

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CPSO = Contractor programs security officer. They are basically the main liaison between the customer and our company, The FSOs I believe report directly to the CPSO. The FSO from what I understand just handles the collateral clearances. Not really an expert, but wish I understood more.

So first off, this is a non-DOD customer which according to my CPSO they don’t even have access to any older SF86s. It sounds like their system is separate from anything I submitted on eQIP last time I did this.Does that mean they can’t compare anything that has changed?

By “full Monty” do you mean, phone calls, interviews, and a drawn out 20 month wait time of “about 1 year”?

That is something I am not sure about, I think it ended January 2019 but I am not 100% sure, would I be able to ask my FSO to look it up on JPAS.

It is all rather confusing because when this all started a year ago, I was told by my FSO that I was doing a “Crossover”, but was still keeping the TS contained within DoD/JPAS. Not sure how that works but I assume they meant get my SCI crossed over? Well, some months later I was told my crossover was denied and would have to resubmit my paperwork with a long form SF86. This time I spoke directly to the CPSO (because I wanted to clarification) and they said that my SF86 (long form) is being submitted for my SCI investigation but I was not doing an SSBI. That is all I know.

Mysterious indeed. Some move fast as squirrel captured…others linger. Investigations can close, but wander in adjudication, get granted and boom 12 months later you are due for reinvestigation again.

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Yeah that’s what I was referring to. Hopefully not that long but not a quick process by any means.

I worked at a place once where pretty much everyone had a Secret clearance. We got a couple new jobs requiring SCI, and somehow our security folks figured out that the fast track was to get people upgraded to TS first, then put them in for SCI. That worked great for about a year until something changed (Mars no longer in Aquarius?) and the hot tip was to put people in for SCI right away. Go figure.