Question for obtaining TS/SCI


How long does it take to get cleared?


18-24 months on average

May be longer depending on your investigation.


My TS/SSBI OPM investigation closed exactly a month ago; now I am waiting DODCAF for a decision. So your experience says 90 days tops? Maybe 60 days left for me to get TS/SCI?


Tops? Nobody can tell you that . . . I suggest that as a minimum but there are people here who have been waiting for two years.


It depends, on you, the agency and a lot of factors, most of them outside of your control.

My investigation has been closed for over a year, and I’m still waiting. Other people clear faster, some take a while to have the investigation get started but adjudicate quickly; others have a quick investigation but get stuck in adjudication. There are really a ton of variables. The whole process is very frustrating.

With that said, the hard data shows us that DoD is roughly taking 18 months on average (note: average is not a median, as no one clears in days but some can take years), which probably puts a median around 9 to 12 months.


My SF-86 was submitted over 2 years ago and my investigation will have been open almost 2 years here soon. o telling when…


I was adjudicated 7 days after investigation was approved.