investigation finished on august 2nd but no decision yet

My ssbi investigation was completed on august 2nd, but no word yet from the DoD of my status, how long do final approvals normally take once an investigation is finished?

Months? For some us 18 of them . . .

You are just at the beginning of the adjudication process. It’s not likely that anyone has even started looking at your file.

Sorry . . .


I’ve seen people disappear into adjudication for 4 to 5 months. Not uncommon at all. Many have posted they were stuck for a long time. I would not begin to get concerned until at least 8 months past submission date for Secret, and 18 plus months from a TS submission.


Took me 10 months to even be contacted for my BI interview for a DOD secret :slight_smile:

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SF86 submitted in Nov 2016, Credit pulled on 9/17, Interview in 5/18. No adjudication yet.

Takes time

T5 reinvestigation

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When should TS+SCI applicants begin getting concerned?

Three different folks at my agency have told me all three different things for a TS/SCI: very soon, within 2-3 weeks after it has closed; or between 4-6 weeks; or up to 12 weeks average. And then here on this site, I’m seeing at least 18 months. It’s ridiculous. No-one knows anything.


same here. 10 months. Still have yet to hear of interviews amongst colleagues and friends afterwards.

See, my friends/contacts listed actually got contacted the week of my interview. To my knowledge, he only contacted two people. Could have been more, who knows. No idea if I’m in adjudication yet. Interview was the week of the 4th of July.

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i should go and ask around.

It’s simply ridiculous to keep applicants in limbo for these lengths of time.


Did your BI call you or email you to advise you that you investigation was completed? Just curious. I’ve met with BI and she’s interviewed people, but I was curious as to whether you get the heads up that you’re moving into the adjudication process.

My FSO isn’t all that great, and to my knowledge they don’t get any update from BI to adjudication in JPAS, they’d have to ask instead. And my FSO doesn’t like to do that… lol. So I may just call the FOIA hotline to find out.

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Lol. I guess I shouldn’t be overly surprised. But it was worth the question. Thank you!

Yep lol, all depends on your FSO to figure that out. Some people on here talk about how their FSO gives them weekly or bi-weekly updates or something, while I get radio silence and the same answer every time I send him an email.

If you’re truly curious, contact the FOIA hotline and ask for a representative to help you over the phone. If you go to the website like they tell you to, and end up figuring out how to navigate to where they give you instructions on checking your status, they just refer you to your FSO LOL. Useless.

Consistently, it takes 18 months to 18.2 months for us to get the final approval on a TS SCi with full scope Poly. I’ve submitted about 150 over the past 12 to 14 months, and that timeline holds fast on all. Over the 8 years I’ve worked this contract it maintained as well. I see some slippage as of late on Secret clearances now taking 6 to 8 months vice the former 4 months. I would not worry in the slightest until after 19 to 20 months on a TS SCI. Even then I would ask for a trace. As the CSO/FSO I can contact clearance direct and request a bit more info if it slips past 18 months. If I can see it is in Adjudication for 5 months I bring that up. Helps head of non committal answers at the pass.

amberbunny: what is your take on the following timeline: SF86 submitted 24 months ago, first BI contact 8 months ago, successful poly in between, last references contacted 6 months ago. Would you count this timeline as 24 months, or 8 months because BI contact was over a year after submitting initial paperwork?

Did you clear your poly on the first try?

Depending on who your client is…that is longer than most. Typically I submit a package, I get a response that day saying it is logged in. After 2 months the BI is assigned and initiated. That normally takes 4 to 5 months: credit, crim, civil court, driving, etc. It also may include interviews with references, school records, neighbors etc. If you lived in many places or overseas that naturally can take a lot longer as the overall investigation may be investigated by a few field offices. After your interview, the investigator is putting all of that together, scoping anything developed along the way, etc. Yours may be difficult due to foreign connections, where you lived, a common name easily confused, extensive credit issues or medication issues…many variables. But I would surmise you are about through. I had very few, countable on one hand, take this long for an initial. A re-investigation can run up to 3 years. But you remain in access doing the job. After all the pieces are put together and reviewed in the BI chain, it goes to adjudication. It can be quick or slow based on how complex the info is. Were there any extenuating circumstances you care to comment on, if comfortable?

@DaVinch: yes.
@amberbunny: My question is more about when to start counting the timeline, since the BI process seems to have only started 8 months ago, and prior to that my submitted paperwork was “somewhere” for 16 months. As far as extenuating circumstances, yes to having many previous landlords and dozens of foreign connections.

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