Adjudication Timeline

The DoE applicant tracking system shows “investigation results received” on April 13,2017 so I would assume I am now waiting on Adjudication. Does anyone know how long Adjudication should take? I have read that DoE Adjudication should be done within 20 days but have also read that Adjudicators have up to 90 days.

I believe they move as fast as they can. If there is lengthy discussion or disagreement…they will not move the same volume. So often the correct answer is “it depends.” I think this is one of those situations. Too many variables to reliably pin it down. I can say Secret clearances were taking 4 months. Now 9 to 12 months. This is actual real world, right now timelines. At any time, any aspect of investigations and adjudication can be impacted, causing delays. It may be a specific package, it may be world events.

Four or even 9-12 months just for adjudication? After it has already been 9 months for the investigation? I was offered the job May of last year, submitted SF86 in June and the investigation started in August (so it says but really didn’t seem to start until Feb. of this year).

I’m sorry I was speaking to the entire process. I see most adjudications go through within 90 days after the BI closes.

The IRTPA Reform Act of 2004 required agencies to make an adjudicative determination within approximately twenty days of receipt of investigation for the fasted 90% of security clearance background investigations. These would be ones that have none or only minor issues that don;t require follow-up or correspondence sent to the subject, For non-clearance investigations the standard is within 90 days.

Got a letter from the adjudicator this past weekend requesting additional documentation so it looks like my case just sat from August until late February and then slow progress from there. Should be just about done. Now that things are moving along I can agonize about whether I am going to be granted clearance or not. One way or another I guess It will be done soon.

@jon84. Did your clearance get adjudicated yet? I received a call from an adjudicator on 24 Apr for an unchecked box on my wife’s SF86 (British). After nearly 90 days, I am still being told by HR that it’s still in adjudication! I have a clean record (held a clearance in the military for 20 years without an incident) so wondering if it’s just sitting in a pile. Not sure if anyone is actually calling to follow up either.

Yes, my clearance is done, adjudication date was June 13, 2017, almost a year to the day from submission of my SF86.


@jon84. So happy for you! You can put that all behind you now. As of today, I’m still waiting. Hopefully, I’ll hear something soon. Best wishes for your career.

I am new to all of this on the civilian side I was 15 years US Army. I started my process back last June 2016 and my SF86 was officially turned in Oct 5 2016 I met with an investigator exactly 7 months to the day and he wrapped up the case 60 days later I have already had my credit pulled my neighbors interviewed and was told my file went to adjudication as of October 23 if it has been in adjudication it will hit 90 days fyi business days not days. How long is the current timeline for a TS/SCI adjudication? @marko.hakamaa

Was this your first clearance? I’m waiting for a crossover and just curious.

Impossible to know, depends on the agency, case issues (if any) and workload.

Thanks for the response I’m wondering because it seems to be moving along pretty Quick for a TS/SCI. Oh and this will be my first ever TS/SCI.

How long have you been waiting? Its been 189 days without an investigation yet.

@krazyk784 I waited 7 months total until I got with an investigator he finished his entire investigation in exactly 60 days then turned my stuff in to adjudication so now I wait to be adjudicated it will reach 90 business days as of 23 October 2017 if it has even been picked up by an adjudicator.

Hopefully, if mine follows a similar path as yours I should be investigated by October 9th. I just hope soon after that they will send it to adjudication before the holidays. I am very very hopeful but very doubtful.

How long did you wait to get your Interim TS?

@krazyk784 I have found anything with the GOVT is going to be a hurry up and wait process. Mind you we have had several factors to backlog security clearances over the past few years. Stay Vigilant stay focused on what you are doing in the meantime. I wish there was an exact timeline on security clearances but with a backlog I keep hearing just be patient. Thanks for asking have a great day

Thanks, when you said hurry up and wait I started to laugh uneasily. I guess somethings never change. Hurry up and wait!

I’m being processed for a full on TS/SCI I haven’t received an interm TS