Timeline 2023 Thread

With so much interest in time to clearance, how about a thread for people to show current timelines.
I’ll start:

November 22: Submitted SF86
Dec 22: More info requested
Jan 23: More info requested
Currently waiting for poly/psych scheduling.

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That’s my case so far:
December 12, 2022: SF86 submitted
January 7, 2023: More info requested
January 19, 2023: More info requested, and SF 86 was approved.

Currently waiting for the next step (Also not sure what will be in the next step)

Secret (T3)

October 22: Submitted eQIP
November 22: Subject interview
Still waiting for my background to finish. I have not made it to adjudication yet. That’s 124 days and counting of investigation time.

DCSA has their eyes on the timeliness - the agencies using their own investigation providers do their own thing.

True, but congress did make some type of push to the IC to encourage them to speed up clearance timelines. This happened in December 22. It was reported in news media. Not sure if anything has come of it though.

Is it possible that your file is lost somewhere in this process? Would it be helpful to contact your local congressman or Senator for this problem?

It’s possible. I was going to wait until I’m at 180 days of waiting. I called DCSA directly and they said that typically a Congressional inquiry can only help if I have been waiting for adjudication. I haven’t made it that far yet since my investigation is still open.

Mine is with DCSA. Between here and Reddit, anecdotal evidence appears to show timelines are getting longer again.

Which number of DCSA have you called? Does DCSA have an email address that can be used for this purpose?

It’s the applicant knowledge center. They have an email address listed but it’s probably the same people as the phone number. The guy I talked to said he can’t see much info from his system so they aren’t much help once the investigation is scheduled and started.

My drive time was over 4 hours today because of the in- person requirement. I wonder if DCSA factored the now increased gasoline costs when DCSA reduced, again, the cost of business.

I did some browsing on the Internet posts, I think the average time is still 3 ~ 4 months. I have seen that eQIPs submitted in Nov. are getting final secret clearance granted now.

I think it partially depends on geo location. I am in an area that is short of investigators and last week I had to set two new SD’s as the subject interviews were more than six months from the original SD— I don’t think I’ve had to do that since CE really took off in 2019 or so.

My eQIP was submitted in October :sob:

One of the elephants in the room for many of the Tier one through three investigation types is the inquiry sent to employers, schools, various verifiers and such. An interview with an investigator does not speed up the mailed inquiries.

Your case may not “close” and be sent to the adjudicator until all of the inquiries were returned or until the required waiting period is complete (which is about four months).

Unfortunately, not every Subject takes the time to ensure the business address provided is the employment record location (poor SF86 wording) or don’t list the actual mailing address for the their current/former supervisors, residence verifier, school registrar, etc. Undelieverable inquires (i.e. sent back as not at this location) delay your investigation. Vague issues reported by your employer, school, or verifiers delay your case (these involve investigators). Unlisted but developed employments, residences, and education delays your case timeline.

A congress critter can not speed up a process that has set waiting periods for responses from non federal entities.


Wouldn’t all the addresses be double checked online for universities and businesses before mailing anything out? Or is what’s on the SF86 what has to be followed?

Can the investigators access previous OPM investigation profiles?

Ok see now this makes a ton more sense then what I’ve been getting from various other sources (security rep and DCSA applicant knowledge center included). I did have a couple jobs that either completely closed from several years ago and I didn’t have the former supervisors personal or updated address or phone number or the former supervisor has since passed away. There is no way to mark either in the SF86 that the business is closed or the supervisor has passed away. So there is no way to bypass those.

No, what you put down is where the inquiry/agent go. A computer sends everything out initially, for all case types. Even when you list that you live in Los Angeles but work in Washington DC (this is common). Your Subject interview is scheduled to your most recent employment - that you listed, as in the first entry. Just an example.

Only if we specifically ask to do so. We have security “clerks” that go through your previous investigations. Still, they do not correct your errors because you signed the SF86/eQip that all information is accurate and true to your belief.