Timeline 2024 Thread

With the new year upon us, I wanted to create a new thread for timeline sharing. Wishing everyone good luck throughout the process.

Here is mine thus far for a TS+SCI direct-hire position:

Interview: May, 2023

Conditional job offer accepted: July, 2023

EQUIP approved: late July, 2023

Psych+polygraph exams: September, 2023

Nothing since.

Cheers to all.


Interview: January 2023
Conditional Offer Accepted: February 2023
SF86 Submitted: March 2023
Case Officially Opened: April 2023
Polygraph: May 2023
Investigator Interviews: May 2023/June 2023

My case is still pending as of 12/14/2023. Next week will be a year since I interviewed. I’m hoping to hear back soon.

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DoD Secret

SF-86 Submission April '23
Interview June '23
Closed and began Adjudication Sep '23
FSO CSR Nov '23

Holding tight for movement. Last I heard my case is undergoing the generic multiple levels of review.

Update: Adjudicated ‘no action’ first week of Jan. FSO then sent in a request to adjudicate. Interview BI reached back out a couple weeks ago with a really simple question. I really don’t see why this got booted back to investigation because they already had the info requested on my SF-86 (in three places). Back of the line again, I guess.

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900+ days

I have never had a clearance before.
I received a CJO for a STEM job at the NSA two and a half years ago.

Jun 2021: Submitted SF86
Jul 2021: More info requested

Jan 2024: Today

I have had no SI, no psych, and no poly.


Don’t worry, you will receive an EOD soon as the adjudicators are currently backlogged. My Secret background investigation was completed in January 2023, and I had to provide additional information through two follow-ups for the USCIS position. However, my adjudication is still pending with no clear timeline for FJO or EOD.

Have you done a congressional inquiry? Wonder if it would be worth going down that path with such a long wait?

I made a congressional inquiry a few months ago and they weren’t able to give any more info than my recruiter already told me. I’m not sure what else I can do now except wait.

Here’s some info for anyone considering a congressional inquiry: https://news.clearancejobs.com/2019/05/15/security-clearance-delayed-try-your-congressional-representative/

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This multiple levels of review should be done before the investigation closes. Am I correct? Adjudication would be done by a single adjudicator, if my understanding is correct.

What level of clearance are you waiting for? Do you have any red flags?

Wow! That may be the longest I’ve heard of. Do you have a lot of foreign contacts? That’s probably one of the most common causes for significant delays.

In this case no, they considered my issues serious enough to be reviewed by more than one level of adjudicator. It’s a bit annoying on my side because what they’re worried about is stuff that happened before the year 2000, but I understand they have to take their time with it.

TS/SCI with CI poly

August 2023: SF-86 submitted
October or November 2023: My case is submitted to adjudication

As of now, I have been in adjuication for about 3 months. Not sure how long this is going to take


Lordy lordy, updated my timeline.

My BI for Secret clearance for the DHS job was completed in January 2023 and it is pending adjudication with no timeline given. I disclosed my two foreign travels and I have had the same residence in the last 10 years.


I have family from a “heightened risk” country, including some who still live there, though I have never visited the country.

Yes, it’s related to foreign contacts.

This isn’t the longest clearance process I’ve heard of (I remember some cases on Federal Soup going for 5+ years), but this might be longest I’ve heard of with nothing happening on the applicant’s end. Since the summer of 2021, there have been no asks for more documentation, no security interviews, no polys, no psychs, etc.

Just finished my process. I was public trust tier 2 investigation.

Interview: Feb, 2023
Conditional Offer: Mar, 2023
EQUIP: April, 2023
Investigator interview: Jan, 2024
Adjudication: Feb, 2024
Start date: Mar, 2024

Granted I was supposed to have my interview with my investigator on Oct, 2023 but was delayed because of personal reasons. I had one or two areas of “concern” but not enough to warrant a fail.



2023/10/01: Application submitted online. Interview and such went smoothly some time during this span.
2023/12/21: CJO received.
2023/12/31: SF-86 submitted via web form.
2024/01/17: Security processing acknowledged during e-mail conversation with my recruiter/interviewer.
2024/02/01: One automated intelligencecareers e-mail stating that the investigative questionnaire was approved.
2024/02/20: Second e-mail stating that the questionnaire was approved (exactly the same as the first).

Are these repeated emails typical, considering nothing else is occurring yet (interviews, fingerprints, polygraph)? It’s better than nothing, at least.

Tier 5 Background Investigation (Suitability Evaluation) for Federal Agency :

E-QIP Submitted: 10/23/2023 (Only given one week to complete SF-86)

E-QIP released to Investigators notification: 11/3/2023

Investigator(s) calls regarding work references contact info: 1/4/2024, 1/5/2024 & 1/8/2024

Personal Interview Scheduled: 3/1/2024

Personal Interview: 3/4/2024

Investigator Reference Calls: 3/7/24- 3/8/2024

Fingers crossed, it gets sent to adjudication soon.


Emailed the security office at my company a week ago. I finally received an email today and was informed that my case has moved over to adjudication.