Timeline 2024 Thread

Finished equip:november 2022
Interview with investigator : december 2022
Last contact : april 2023

I had old buisness debt that i paid over half off
6 months ago and working on the rest

At this point, I’ve been advised to put in a CI if there’s still no decision in May (when I hit 13 months). A BI collected all my therapy records over two months ago.

My entire 2017 SF-86 went out of scope this month and is still being used to make a decision. :frowning: with 17 years of my history to look at I’m sure it’s going to take forever still.

TS/SCI w FSP for govt contractor

  • 5/2023 - Submitted paperwork may last year.

  • 9/2023 - BI investigation opened and finished.

  • 1/2024 - psych eval and 2 polys.
    Was told i didn’t “pass or fail the poly”.

  • 3/2024 - HR reached out with start date stating my investigation is completed. Im assuming that means I was favorably adjudicated.

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I have officially been cleared as of 3/29/2024


TS/SCI + Poly(Type?) for DIA

Early April 2023: Interview & CJO extended and accepted (contingent on receipt of my BA degree post graduation).

May 2023: BA degree and final transcripts sent and received by HR. I was supposed to receive a phone call within 30 days to schedule necessary tests and never did so I spent the entire month of May trying to get a response from the HR contact.

Early June 2023: HR notifies me there was a glitch and my info needed resent for security to initiate processing.
Middle-Late June 2023: SF86 EQUIP submitted

July 2023: Polygraph

September 2023: BI Interview
October 2023: Case closed and entered Adjudication
January 2024: Successfully adjudicated and granted TS/SCI. Submitted update resume to HR to be placed in the cleared hiring pool and will be notified with a position.

I think I had a CI poly but I do not know for sure and can’t get an answer. The poly is also not showing up in DISS for some reason when contractors look for my clearance info. Is this standard for DIA to not put poly info in? I do not want it to appear as though I am lying because I did have and pass the DIA poly.

It is now four months post clearance and I have not heard from HR with an agency position and am having trouble getting a contract position due to the confusion with the poly. Some places want me to have 5+ years of experience as well.

Good morning
already have a current Secret (NACLC) in continuous vettings as of 08 2020. new position requires an upgrade.

Top Secret/SCI for the DoD
SF86 started 09/21/2023
only given a week
moved to Investigation 10/01/2023

no interviews/ phone calls yet, I can see on my HR profile the SSBI is still open.

Still waiting as of April 1st, 2024. No word from anyone. I have surpassed the average 90% case time, despite my only red flag being anxiety. Ready for this process to be over haha.

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Hey, same boat. 365 days on Wednesday.

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Glad I’m not alone :rofl: This is brutal…

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I’ll raise you, mine is for secret :,)

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I emailed HR for a status update. Apparently, my background file is now being adjudicated.


Direct Hire (DHS)

3/17/2023-> Applied

4/20/2023-> Notice of results (Tentatively Eligible)

5/3/2023–> Invited to Virtual Hiring Event for 5/9/2023

5/8/2023-> Call from hiring manager to interview directly instead of attending event

5/9/2023-> Interview with 3 managers

5/11/2023-> TJO received + started onboarding paperwork

5/12/2023-> Email received from hiring manager (Congrats email)

5/16/2023-> Call to complete drug test / completed same day

5/17/2023-> Email to complete E-QIP received (no code received after error on their end)

5/19/2023-> Fingerprints Completed

5/23/2023-> Repeat drug test

5/26/2023-> EQIP Submitted

6/8/2023 → Credit Soft Pull

6/26/2023-> Asked to complete Illegal Drugs form PDF

9/7/2023-> Call from investigator to meet up face to face

9/11/2023 → Meeting with investigator #1

9/14/2023 → Meeting with investigator #2

9/25/2023-> References contacted

3/14/2024 → email received from “Special Actions” to complete more forms about Foreign affections / foreign associations / recent travel

3/18/2024 → email received to complete “agreement” about not using my dual citizenship at all

4/15/2024 → TS/SCI granted!!!