IC Adjudication Timeline During COVID

Hello everyone,
I understand each case is different when it comes to getting a security clearance, but I’m hoping that the responses I get can help me figure out the steps I want to take going forward. I’d like to know some of the timelines people have had, especially if it resembles to some extent my experience.

I’m going for a TS/SCI clearance,
Sent in sf86 in start of September.

Had my interview with the BI investigator early October

Had my Poly med October, I’m guessing it went well as I have not heard back regarding the poly.

Had some final follow up questions med November from a second review for the BI.

I’m assuming adjudication will take some time since I have a lot of foreign contacts (approx 15). This is because I immigrated to the USA very young, but I still have family living in the other country. For full discretion I also included people I have talked to in the past 1-2 years in the report.

Has anyone else had a similar timeline, specifically someone who had a good amount of foreign contacta listed?

SF-86 filed in January 2020.

Met with Investigator in February 2020.

March 2020…COVID.

I have yet to be even scheduled for the Polygraph. Every couple months or so, I get a courtesy “We haven’t forgotten about you and we’re still interested in you as a candidate, but we have no further updates on your processing at this time. Please be patient. Yada yada yada…”. I actually got one of these messages today.

For context, I am a natural born citizen with a current DoD Secret Clearance and I only had one foreign contact to report. I don’t even have contact with her anymore but I reported it because I did at one point during the scope of the investigation have semi-regular contact with her.

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I finished everything in fall of 2018 and I am still waiting on word. I get the periodic “you’re still in process” notifications.

From the sounds of it, both of the previous responses were getting reinvestigated. I wonder if initial investigations are a little faster.

For me, this is only a “re”-investigation in the sense that this is not the first time I’ve been vetted for a clearance.

But this current investigation is for TS/SCI and is being sponsored by an IC agency that I have no previous ties to. I currently hold a Secret as a federal employee of one of the branches of the armed forces. The fact that I have a current clearance means absolutely nothing and the process for this potential IC job has been no different than if I had never held a clearance at any point in my life.

Much faster. Especially if nothing has changed.