Adjudication Phase?

I applied TS/SCI FS Poly in 2/2019 when I was 18 years old. 8/2019 did the interview. Took 1 year to schedule poly due to covid. 10/2020 first poly inconclusive, 11/2020 2nd poly inconclusive. Took another year wait to schedule 3rd poly. 10/2021 poly passed.
Last I heard I m in adjudication. This through an I.C agency . So in total is 3 years now.

Is this normal considering covid timeline?
None of my reference was contacted either. I do have a clean background, no red flag that I m aware of since I applied at 18 years old.
And never has anyone contact me again since my initial interview in 8/2019.
How long can adjudication take?

Normal? No.

Unheard of? No.

Do you have any foreign contacts? Sometimes that can really slow things down.

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When I submitted the SF86, I didn’t list any foreign contacts. Even though I have 3 uncles, 2 aunts and tons on cousins that reside in Australia.
I told them that I only met them when I was 1 years old when they came to the USA to attend my paternal grandfather funeral. Didn’t think that counted since I met them when I was in diapers. And never talked to them ever since.

Now I have 1 aunt and 2 cousin from Austraila that came to USA to visit when I was ten years old but they didn’t stay with us during their visit. We met up with them on the weekend for meet and greet. So didn’t think that incidents counted as it was not continuous. I never see them in social media. FaceTime, email , text etc. no contact on daily basis, yearly basis what so ever. So no to foreign contact listed when submitted the form. Again that was 8 years before my 18 bday.

So that why I marked no on foreign contacts since it was not continuous when I submitted the form.

I never planned on visiting Austraila. When I had the interview I told investigators about trip and explained I just came back the same week of interview. I disclose I stayed with family ( same aunt and 2 cousins that came to visit when I was 10 years old) during my trip and gave them their names and info. And explained everything I just stated above.

If you did not list foreign contacts (including relatives) but the security people think they should have been listed, then that could lead to extra scrutiny. From what you describe, I don’t think they needed to be listed, but security could see it differently.