Adjudication Process VS New Clearance

I have a valid TS/SCI that was sponsored by the Army (I was in the service). Recently, I got two job offers from two different agencies. I submitted my SF-86 for the 1st agency on July 21st 2017. The HR got back to me on September 27th asking me to provide them with more information. Their request came two days after I did poly, psych eval, and security interview (all GO no issues), since then, I have not heard a word from them. No one contacted me or my contacts, yet.

What got me wondering is a friend of mine who got an offer from the same agency in August 2017. He told me that two days ago he did his interview. BTW this is my friend’s first clearance.

For the second job offer, I submitted my SF-86 last week; this job offered me a higher grade and it would pay a lot more than the first one. My first clearance took 8 months from start to finish. I have not had issues whatsoever. However, I don’t know if having a German girlfriend who doesn’t live in the states would be an issue? I reported everything about her in my SF 86 and I provided all the details in my poly. I am really not sure what is the deal.

Are they going to adjudicate my current clearance, or they going to start a new clearance process? Did I shoot myself in the foot by accepting to conditional offers? Any thought, similar situation, or insight are highly appreciated!

Honesty and full disclosure are always your friend. No doubt it takes time to evaluate the girlfriends name. It isn’t unusual for long clearance waits. 15 to 18 months for some.

I hope it doesn’t take that long. I already have my clearance, I am waiting on adjudication. We’ll see.

Here is the latest and greatest on processing times. I believe days shown are work days not calendar days. It seems many get caught up in the adjudication phase.