Clearance Granted

Received my clearance granted notification today! It is a blessing and patience is a must to have. I started the entire process on 10 Nov 2019, I sat in adjudication for 6 months. For all still waiting, keep the positive outlook and it will finalize in your favor.

How do you know you were in adjudication for 6 months? And did you have any issues or bumps from the SF86/equip onwards that you had to resolve?

My FSO notifed me once my background inv was complete on 1 July 2019, the DoD CAF did request an evaluation around Aug/Sept timeframe and after that it was just waiting. Everyone situation is different in its own way. In regards to the SF86, I had to sign alot of ROIs but, that is part of the whole process. I fully acknowledge that being an investigator, reviewer and adjudicator can not be an easy profession.

@gwoz81 I also submitted a FOIA requesting my records and my records annotated when my Inv was closed as well.

we have similar timeline. submitted SF86 around the same time. dead silence until May 2020 when the investigation was opened for my case. no interview at all. Investigation closed (moved to adjudication stage) early August. dead silence until early January 2021. follow-up (1st) interview with the investigator due to a request from the adjudicators. it has been over 5 weeks since the reinvestigation closed and I am still waiting.

What type of evaluation?

@Yildiz, they requested additional information from me as well while in adjudication and that was Aug/Sept timeframe of last year.

@AD861 I conducted a Medical Evaluation. The decision was made approximately at 6 months.

FWIW - I’m attempting to return to my previous Site & Customer with the IC…previously held TS/SCI w/ CI poly before going to the DoD and only a TS (my SCI and Poly passed the 5 year in this period)

Dec 2019 - Interviewed and received CJO
Dec 2019 - turned around SF86 and returned
August 2020 - post-COVID returned to the US for BI and Poly
August 2020 - Poly ran all day with an ‘unresolved’ result
December 2020 - CJO advised they received word I would need ‘extended adjudication’ - no clear info given on what this meant but they are allowing the process to continue
Jan 2021 - CJO FSO calls PSD and is told I’m ‘waiting an adjudicator to be assigned’
Jan 27 2021 - CJO FSO checks SC database and status changed to ‘adjudication’

No requests for second Poly or contact from BI for more/new info. I’ve had multiple Poly’s as most here can agree with - more often than not two usually it seems.

@gwoz81 My situation did not involve having a poly done but, once in adjudication it is in the final stretch for completion. Keep on driving hard and it will come out in your favor.

Some customers talk about “second level adjudication” which I think means an additional level of review for cases with certain issues… wonder if that is what “extended adjudication” refers to.

At the end of the day, we all have different situations and circumstances and I can’t imagine how hard the job of an adjudicator or reviewer is to do on a daily basis. Through the process, I learned extreme patience and responding to requests in an timely manner.

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What level of clearance?

If only so many applicants/subjects learned this, especially responding in a timely manner.

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The process is just extremely long for no reason and applicants are kept in the dark while a file just sits on someone’s desk collecting dust. System needs more transparency.

You clearly do not know how any of the process works.


Been thru the TS and PT processes successfully several times.

@RedditGuy so how long do you think the entire process should be?

Cool. So have millions of others.

“Going through” the process as an applicant/subject doesn’t give a person any insight into the mechanics and procedures of the complex process.

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It’s unnecessarily complicated. And it’s 2021 an applicant should know where they stand in the process. Months on end with no communication is ridiculous.