Any IC clearances successfully received recently?

Has anyone received a favorable outcome for their IC clearances recently? I’m still waiting as of Jan 27 when I was assigned to an Adjudicator, interview & Poly done in Aug '20. Conversely my DoD TS (renewal) was completed fully from Feb-July this year…just shy of 6 months.

My father just retired from the IC after 48 years and he mentioned his understanding was ‘investigation outfits are overwhelmed’. I’m past that stage but can’t imagine what the blackhole of adjudications is like

I’m still waiting as well.

June 2019 - Applied for job
September 2019 - Took a qualifying exam
Jan 2020 - SF86
Feb 2020 - Interview with Investigator
April 2021 - Polygraph and Psych Eval
May 2021 - Job Interview #1
June 2021 - Job Interview #2
July 2021 - Hiring Board has decided they want to hire me, pending security clearance adjudication.


July 2021 - Clearance favorably adjudicated and FJO issued (literally one day after the Hiring Board decision)

Still waiting as well

Feb 2019 - Applied
March 2019 Interview
April 2019 - Accepted CJO/SF-86
August 2019 - Poly
September 2019 - SF86 contacts contacted & interviewed
September 2019 - March 2020 - Random voicemails of “you’re still processing, have a nice day”
March 2020 - January 2021 - Radio silence (Gonna assume COVID sent cut workforce hours)
January 2021 - Present - More frequency voicemails of you’re still processing, have a nice day

Just hit my 3 year mark recently, but have seen some movement. Hopefully I’ll hear word soon.

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I completed the entire clearance process in less than 4 months for IC TS/SCI this year. I was coming from DoD Secret.

It took a little over a year, but it’s finally done!

April 2020- Submitted SF86
July 2020-interviewed
August 2020-BI started
January 21-Poly
February 21-2nd poly
July 21-Final adjudication

Wow, you’re lucky! That is super fast.