NSA Adjudication timeline

Hey I was curious if anyone has recently gone through adjudication for NSA TS/SCI FSP and can say how long it took?

I have passed both parts of the poly and the background check is complete. My case is pretty simple (no drugs, no foreign contacts, good credit, etc.)

I wasn’t sure if there is a backlog or how long this normally takes. Any info would be great!


Just a waiting game it seems at this point, as only time will tell. from what I assume, it could be a queue pile and a lot of paper weight backlog with your investigation just siting on an adjudicator’s desk. Some folks get the full thing after a few months, and some folks after many months, even with a clean record. Perhaps they are prioritizing feds or specific investigations first, no one really knows. Hang tight

I’m pretty sure they have separate adjudication staffs for contractors and direct hire… maybe for military as well. But you are right about the wide range of timelines, some go quickly, some do not, and there does not always seem to be a reason.

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Here’s my timeline so far.

June 2019 - Submitted job application

September 2019 - Took exam related to my qualifications for the specific career field I applied into

December 2019 - Was informed that I passed the test

January 2020 - Received CJO and submitted SF-86

February 2020 - Interviewed with BI

March 2020 - COVID

And that’s it so far.

I haven’t yet been scheduled for an in-person interview nor have I been scheduled for the polygraph.

Every couple months or so, I get a courtesy e-mail from my recruiter saying they haven’t forgotten about me and are still interested but they don’t have any substantial updates as far as my investigation status or timeline for when I’ll be scheduled for the interview and polygraph. The last such e-mail I got was a few weeks ago.

EDIT: I should mention that this is for a federal position, NOT a contractor position.

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CJO March 2019
SF86 July 2019
BI Interview October 2019
Poly (Multiple Passes between December 2019 and July 2020, due to COVID)
Psych August 2020
FJO December 2020
EOD March 2021

COVID wiped out their scheduling. Be patient, as they’re working to catch up.

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Guys, I’m trying to be patient and I know every person’s case is different but it’s just discouraging to hear of folks (I know of three now) who were submitted around the same time or even after me in which they had their poly 6-9 months ago and now clearances approved last month.

SF8 submitted March 2019
BI Interview December 2019

Dead silent after that. FSO contacted me and stated that I was on backlog. I’m not entirely sure what that means and why someone is placed there but any input or any similar experiences would be helpful! Clean record, haven’t even traveled outside of the country, and it is for a contractor position. Next month will be 2 years! :frowning: I know COVID didn’t help either but yikes!

I was told by a retired IC individual, who now contracts, that the onboarding and training is very hands on, so they can’t bring people on as quickly as pre-COVID times. Is this what you were referring to?

NSA is a total mystery to me in terms of the security processing timeline. A close friend received a CJO 3 years ago, had their BI a few months later, and…silence. They still haven’t been scheduled for a poly but are “actively processing”.

Perhaps NSA is just waiting for a billet to open up before proceeding with the security processing in both this person’s case and in yours?

Ahh, yes… your close friend and I are currently on the same boat. Still don’t understand how they “separate” or categorize, if that is what they do… My FSO states that mine is still processing as well but it has had zero movement since the BI which was done in 12/2019. I wish there was a bit more communication or information that they could provide for us just so we’re not in limbo.

So you are a contractor? Lowest priority for them.

Weird, I’m processing as a contractor and am in adjudication after only 11 months.

Nice. This is pretty quick. Make sure to come back and post once you get notified of your final.

Oh wow, that is really quick. Definitely keep us posted! I’m curious to know.

I hear the younger you are, the process is quicker too since they don’t have much to investigate. Only if I could go back in time! :weary: I heard some folks going on three years and that just saddens me. I’ve been waiting for so long to get into a position that I really want. :sob: