Question about NSA clearance process

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I have a question regarding NSA clearance process. Just put in the paperwork this month. What is the rough timeframe for the same? I have an active secret clearance from DOD and have served in the army. How does this work, will they reuse my investigation as I went through T5-SSBI investigation but never got the TS through DOD though. Cant seem to find federalsoup anymore, has it been retired? When called nobody knows as to what the current timeline is.

I was born in a foreign country and I am a naturalized citizen. Came about 10 years ago to usa.

Sadly, the Federal Soup site was shut down.

Foreign born naturalized citizens can have a longer clearance process with IC agencies it seems, especially if they come from certain countries. I am not sure exactly which countries are the most problematic but any “close and continuing” foreign contacts can complicate the process.

If your investigation is fairly recent they may use it as it saves a lot of time.

Thanks a ton for the response. I am from India, parents still live in India. Secret was adjudicated in 2019. So not sure this will go about.
How does this work, will they reach out to me first? Or else go through the clearance files which is already active done by DOD. Also does NSA use DCSA? If its DCSA then its the same agency which investigated me.

I believe NSA runs their own investigations, but they can probably get a copy of the investigation from DCSA.

Oh god no, so nsa will be starting from scratch again. How does it work with nsa regarding getting poly and psych scheduled. Do they have clear me first before scheduling the interviews.

Scheduling seems to be the tricky part. From what I’ve seen in these forums, there is no hard-and-fast sequence. Sounds like poly and psych are scheduled on the same day. I know a couple years ago, this part (poly and psych) was way backed up, don’t know how the situation is today.

Looking back on all the posts here, the investigation part seems to go pretty quickly with NSA, so that shouldn’t be too much of a concern, especially if they can use your previous investigation and just fill in the time since 2018/19

Going to thru same process as you. This is my first time getting clearance TS. My timeline looks a lot longer than other people since I was born outside US and foreign contact. But the investigator usually reaches out to you and they go over SF86 paperwork it took me like 2 hours. He told me that he would reach out to my references and employers in next couple of weeks and he did. After about a month I got email to schedule my Psych/Poly. Done with all that and now just waiting for adjudication.

Can you share your application timeline, please? I was born in outside the US too, and it seems my application process also takes longer than usual

Here is my timeline

Applied - Nov 2021
CJO - March 2022
E-Quip submitted - March 2022
Soft credit check- August 2022
Met with investigator - late November 2022 ( investigator mentioned that 90% investigation is done)
References/ Manager contacted - early December 2022
Poly/Psych - early February 2023
Waiting in adjudication since then I guess

How far along are you in the process?

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I got an email saying that my security form SF-86 was approved 3 months ago. But either me or my relationships receiving a call from an investigator. Can you also share a website or app where I can see if my soft credit is checked, please?

This process is different for all applicants so just hang in there. I used

Often these “soft pulls” do not appear on the typical “free” credit check sites. Maybe that one that @sp20 mentioned will do the job.

yea I just used the one @sp20 mentioned. I saw on the Soft Inquiries part there’s a company called “FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND AGENCY” with a description Employment Report. Is it the one that the background investigator pull my credit?

Thanks a ton all, i did check annual free credit check. I cannot really see any soft pull that has happened on my report. I have checked transunion. Also can you please share your timeline from the day of approval on CESP to soft pull → interview → poly —> adjudication?


So it does take a lot of time for the soft credit check pull then.

My credit was soft pulled about a week or two after CESP approval.
I think it showed up on one of the big three, but not all three. I had to search for it.
There’s a “soft pull” section on the extended reports. Credit monitoring systems don’t usually pick it up either.

How long did you have to wait after the pull? I was approved about a month ago, then see that I got a pull the very next day, but have had crickets since.

Just got to know it would be TS/SCI with full scope poly with a three letter agency,
I already have a secret clearance from DoD and CI done about 5 years ago. Does this make any difference at all?
Wanted to know as to how things work?

Five years old investigation, probably not help much.