Question about NSA clearance process

Understood, so have to go through that process again i guess.

I had mine quite a few years ago you can usually plan on 9-12 months a dod secret is really nothing you can send secret material certified mail. The poly usually comes at the very end. If you have a lot of different jobs and locations you have lived that can slow the process down.

I had a T5-SSBI done as well but was not granted as the job didnt require it later on.
My question is that why isnt my credit pulled and also why I never got a call from an investigator? Can I ask any of the folks at DCSA if they got my file? I understand that everyone else is doing the waiting game as well, just need to know if my file is moving.

Anyone have any idea how long the agency takes for adjudication for an internship? I recently went and did my security interview/ poly / psych. Shouldn’t be any glaring issues or red flags so I’m hoping I’ll know by may.

I’m in the same situation. SF86 approved and credit pulled same day, but haven’t heard anything since.

Has everyone’s dashboard on the website been updated in a timely manner?

I’m four months in since submission/acceptance of SF86, but my portal/dashboard just updated from “Initial Offer” to “Security Processing” last week. Anyone know why that took so long or if that means anything?

I’m not personally familiar with the website, but a lot of these government hiring websites can be somewhat unreliable in terms of how accurate those status indicators are. Somebody in HR has to update them and that task may not be their top priority.

I remember my USAJOBS status being wildly out of sync with reality for many applications, and more than one person who they their status was “Not Selected” for jobs they got hired for.

I suspect any personal updates you get from your hiring POC will be more reliable than the website.

Same here. I’ve already received a CJO as well as my security form SF-86 was approved 3 months ago but my IC dashboard is still in the Interviewing/Testing step.

Folks an update, i did check and i had seen an soft inquiry by federal government.
But its been crickets since then. Biggest mystery is what agency is performing the background checks. I am presuming DCSA or else NSA’s own employees/contractors.
I would have thought that atleast i would have gotten a call from a background investigator. Fingers crossed and waiting to hear back.

Just got another update, security team hasn’t yet started the process of investigation yet. They are still triaging. It seems for the agency the priority is going to be the summer interns. Right now the security team wants to get them in first.
So have to see how things go.

From my understanding, with NSA you don’t get a call from an investigator. NSA schedules you for an in-person visit where the security interview, poly, and psych eval all take place over a few days.

It can happen immediately or it can happen after a number of months.

I was under a impression that the background investigation happens first and then they call you for Psych/Poly.
Please correct me if I am wrong.
How did it happen with you?

I was able to see mine on equifax. it didnt appear on transunion.

Even mine shows the same. May be thats the same.

From what I’ve gathered on these boards and the old FedSoup boards, the order is unpredictable.

Some people submit their SF86 and do a pysch/poly a month later, some not until the very end, some half way through.

My references haven’t been contacted yet, but I’m sure the investigators have done a lot of work already (check credit, verify jobs, talk to HR/bosses, verify degrees, check financial and legal history, etc.). They even stated that they had finished some of the investigation. I submitted my SF86 in November.

My guess is so long as I pass psych/poly they will call my references in the following weeks and then be sent to adjudication after that.

FWIW, one more data point to add: one of my references just let me know they had been contacted and set up an interview, even though I haven’t heard anything since having my SF-86 approved. Based on everything I had heard this step usually comes after the interview, so it does certainly seem like things are a bit unpredictable :grin: