Question about NSA clearance process

This is definitely a helpful perspective! The challenge now will be getting an answer relatively soon and finding someone who can tell me more than “we don’t know anything about your processing other than that you are currently still in the system.”

I’m still a little unsure of salary, as after receiving my CJO I had to submit a credential evaluation for my overseas graduate degree, so my CJO offer was based on a bachelor’s (think I was at a step 7). It will be a lot to consider, as my Plan B job has landed me into a management role with TS/SCI, a short bus commute to the office, lots of flexibility, and a few days of telework!

Also would be nice if they did not have to redo the BI as I’m already cleared by the department that oversees them. I get that they want to do their own investigation due to the nature of access, not to mention the clearance would need to be on the IC database, but I was really hoping all I would need before adjudication were the security interview, psych, and poly.



Intelligence Community?

I have no update apart from recruiter reaching out to me saying its in process.
Can i atleast know that they are working on my case?
How does one even get to know if they are working on my case?

They will call you in for some in-person activities related to security processing, and you might get a call before that to review information on your forms (some have reported that).

Overall it is a big waiting game and an opportunity to practice patience.

Its been 2 years no update for me yet. I dont know what to do to get their attention.