Are NSA clearances reported as part of the DoD in clearance reports? Or are they not because they have their own process?

Do NSA employees (as opposed to contractors) typically have faster processing times than other government employees? The 2015 report was hopeful, but I’m not sure how it’s changed in the last few years.

It seems to be much faster. I applied in 08/17 and had poly in 10/17. A week after that the background investigator was at the door. I have seen many posts that have a long delay before an investigator reaches out to them or references. I am still in the security investigation process but I believe once the agency gets it, it takes the longest.

Hawk, so it looks like you’ve had most of the process done (subj interview and poly), which is great. How were you scheduled for the poly - was it by email from the recruiter? Is s/he responsive? Have you heard anything since 10/17? How do you know that you’re not in adjudication?

My investigator just interviewed me, but I haven’t had a poly yet and neither has a friend of mine who has an offer for the same position but is ~4 months ahead of me in the process.

No poly yet either, and my recruiter seems to be as much in the dark as me.

The poly was scheduled pretty much the exact way the interview was scheduled. It was by an e-mail from one of their contractors I believe and it just came out of the blue. I did have to send some more info in to verify info on my SF-86 and soon after that I received the e-mail. My recruiter tells me I am still in the investigation process and I believe they would know if I am in adjudication.