Question about NSA background investigation

Hi All,

I have a question why did I never receive any call from the background investigator although my security form SF-86 was approved 3 months ago?
One of my friends received an email to let him know that his security form SF-86 was approved and then he also received a call from a background investigator a few days later, and he also got scheduled for poly/psych in the same month.
However, I never received any call or scheduling request for poly/psy although my security form SF-86 was approved long time ago. Is there any way that I can contact or ask them about it?

Either y’all were not getting the same level of clearance or he had some issues you did not have. A secret clearance only has a subject interview when issues are present and a top secret always has a subject interview.

I think they can expedite some clearances for certain positions.
Your timeline seems normal so far.
Reach out to your recruiter and inquire if you’re worried.

We actually applied for the same position so I think we both need to obtain the top secret. But my case progress takes much longer than my friend’s case.
I just don’t know the reason so I wonder if there’s any way that I can track or ask about my status

Did you check spam email?

You should’ve at least received an email saying that your SF86 was accepted and will then go to review, and it would have been from a similar or same CESP account that sent you your SF86 Log in info.

You should also check your full credit report for a soft credit pull from DOD. That’s how you know your investigation has started.

Also, i’ve heard that living in certain areas means delayed timelines due to fewer investigators in those areas. And, in the beginning I think they auto snail mail all of your jobs and schools to verify employment and such. If those people don’t respond promptly they have to wait awhile before they can proceed.

I’ve already received an email saying that my security form SF-86 was approved and will now be reviewed to determine the next step in your security processing.
However, it’s been 3 months since I received that email, either me or my relationships never received any phone call from background investigator.

Me too, i checked there is no soft pull as well on my credit.
Can you please ask as to which background agency the investigator belonged to was it DCSA. If it is then probably they arent using their own investigators.