First contact interview

I’m hoping someone can lend some clarification on the investigation process. I have held a secret clearance since 2014. I submitted sf-86 for upgrade to TS/SCI 9/17. I haven’t heard anything until today (8/18) my friend was interviewed for my investigation. Everyone told me that I would be interviewed before they contacted any of my friends/family. Anyone know what order these things are supposed to happen in or what stage my investigation is in?

Thanks in advance.

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@Nothingyet, it depends on many things. Mostly on the completeness of your SF-86 and if there are any glaring deviations from what they find in their document pulls (credit history & background etc). Also depends on the investigator.

For secret it’s quite common to not ever be contacted or have any of your friends/family contacted by an investigator.

I’ll put it this way, it’s probably a good sign that they haven’t contacted you.

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There is no order. Things happen based on geography and staff availability. Sometimes they’ll opt to collect information pre-subject interview.

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