Should I expect an interview soon?

Hi, I submitted my eqip about 6 months ago and I’ve been waiting since then and was lucky enough to get an interim. Since then I realised I messed up my foreign contacts section. Nothing crazy, just some casual friends from school and social media connections that I didnt think about.

I was wondering if anyone had any insight into whether at this point I should expect a subject interview soon. I would obviously like to clear this up as soon as possible, so should I expect an interview soon? Or should I ask my security office if they can forward the information on these people to the investigator?

I’m also stressed that I screwed up my sf86 this way even with my contacts being innocuous and be denied because of this.

There’s no guarantee you’re going to get an interview at all, so I would speak to your FSO about this. If this is your only issue, and they’re really only casual friends as you state, I highly doubt it would cause a denial.

Mind if I ask how long it took to receive your interim?

It took a couple months for my interim.

Why do you think I wouldn’t get an interview? This is for DoD Secret and I thought everyone got an interview for those.

And yeah they are super casual. Just graduated but was casual friends at school with a couple foreign students is as close as they got.

Interviews for secret are conducted when issues arise.

Oh, okay thanks, I thought it was just a standard part of the process.

I submitted my clearance in early March 2018 for a P-RI (T5), and I still have not been assigned an investigator yet. I did hear back from the FSO this week that the government is just now verifying my clearance documents before it is assigned an investigator. At least it is moving along. :slight_smile:

In 2013 - I got an interim Secret in 4 calendar days … man things sure have changed as far as timelines go.