Getting Interviewed a good sign or not?

Is having an interview close to the time the full investigation for final Secret started a good sign? I’m trying to gauge if my investigation is going smoothly or not. I submitted my eqip May 13th 2019 and was denied an interim and found out by June 4th, then had my interview June 18th and have not heard back since. I’m curious because Some posts from 2017 and 2018 have large gaps of time between eqips, interim denial, interview, etc.

The large time gaps were due to the backlog, which has since been reduced. You sound like you are right on schedule. Longest wait time should be from interview through adjudication.


I submitted my equip the same exact day and i haven’t received an interview yet. I was denied an interim around the first/second week of June. And It’s also for a secret clearance. Is that a good or bad sign?

Nothing unusual there at all. My client is taking 6 to 12 months for Secret, 18 to 24 for TS with Poly. No sense asking about them until they pass that parameter.

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