Questions regarding my secret clearance timeline

I received a tentative job offer with the FAA December of 2017, requiring a secret clearance. I found out that i was denied an interim clearance April 2018 due to:

  1. DUI in college in 2013.
  2. Termination from a past employer.

I finally had an investigator from the NBIB interview me April, 2019. I’m relatively confident that i was able to mitigate the concerns raised satisfactorily. I am unable to begin working in this position until the full clearance is obtained.

I’ve perused this site a decent amount, and was hoping i could get some answers from more knowledgeable folk in here. What i’m wondering:

  1. I know times obviously vary for processing, but seeing as how i was only interviewed in April of this year, how much longer am i realistically looking at waiting for this? This is secret, not TS, no SCI.
  2. I consistently see people referencing their status as far as investigation/adjudication goes, is there a hotline or contact or something that i am missing that I could periodically check on the status of this?
  3. Is it unusual for me to have waited that long just to have my interview?

It’s been 18 months since my job offer, getting a little discouraging. Happy to answer any questions people may have. Appreciate the feedback.

Hopefully the offer is not ‘tentative’, only ‘contingent’. Also, I am surprised that you know why you were denied an interim. I’ve never heard of people being given official reasons for interim denials, but FSOs will often speculate.

Things usually move pretty quickly after interview. If there is no other steps to investigate, then they still will internally review the investigation for a week or two before sending it off to adjudication. I’m not sure who adjudicates clearances for the FAA, so I can’t attest to that. Adjudication took 4 weeks for me with DoD.

You could contact your FSO, which is whoever helped you set up the eQIP, to find your status. They will be able to tell you if you are still being investigated or if you are in adjudication.

18 months is a long time for a secret. Most people take less than 9 months.

Thanks for your reply.

To clarify, I wasn’t given any official reasons, my security POC from OPM told me over the phone back in April 2018 that she had denied the interim for those reasons stated. I actually found a declassified document from 2005 that seems to indicate mandatory interim denial for these reasons, i’m unsure if it’s relevant due to being dated in 2005. I’m relatively confident the end result of full clearance will adjudicate in my favor however.

When I asked my NBIB interviewer on remaining time length, he stated “It could be 4 weeks, it could be a year, i’d count on waiting at least another 4-6 months”. None of my listed contacts, (of which there ended up being many) have been contacted thus far by anyone. Not sure if that’s a good sign, or if it means they haven’t gotten to it yet.