My timeline (received secret clearance)

May-28-2019 : CJO [DoD Secret (contractor)]

June-11-2019 : I submitted eQIP to DoDCAF. (Secret level, Tir 3 )
July-03-2019 : Interim Clearance was granted
July-05-2019 : Background Investigation Open
July-06-2019 : Credit Report Pulled out
July-3rd week-2019 : Interim clearance was withdrawn
July-12-2019 : The Investigator contacted my current supervisor and HR
July-30-2019: Interview with investigator (150 minute)
Aug-06-2019 : Phone with investigator (I was asked two things)
Oct-26-2019 : Full Clearance was Granted

This position is Defense Engineering Job position.

It took 4.5 months (136 days). I’m naturalized US Citizen.

No alcohol
No drug,
No crime

I’m a naturalized US citizen.
I’m foreign birth and came to United State for my Ph.D Study (mechanical engineering).
My children and wife are U.S. citizens, and all other relatives are living in foreign country.
I’ve worked in oil & gas industry until 2016, and got laid off in Jan 2016, I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy in Aug 2016, and discharged in Nov-2016. employer filed chapter 11 bankruptcy due to oil price crash.
I got new job in Sep-2016.


Fantastic!!! Congrats on the clearance. Nice to see it completed so quickly.

Thank you.
I appreciate advice and information

Thanks for taking the time to discuss your timeline.

Nice, glad your process completed quickly. They granted you an interim and withdrew it in the same month? Strange!

granted interim before OPM investigation, withdrew as the OPM investigation began.

Hey I’m surprised you got the interim. Did you list foreign contacts when you first submitted? I thought if someone has foreign contacts then interim will not be granted interim?

I did list all foreign contacts.
I think most naturalized citizen were not granted interim.

If you dont mind me asking. Do you have extensive foreign travel? When were you last outside USA?

How do you know your interim was denied? Do you get an email?

I had submitted my eqip and fingerprint on Aug 10. I have an interview with a nbib special agent tomorrow.

The security officer at the company that applied the clearance for you will tell you.

U could ask them.

You would find out if an interim was granted, or if an interim was later rescinded, but do they actually tell you that an interim is not granted?

I’ve applied for a govt position. I know the hiring supervisor was asking HR for an interim. But I didnt here anything about it.

I’ve been reading through some of the discussions and found that would be denied interim because of your foreign contact. I have one and we live in the same house. My last foreign travel was back in 2007.
Also trying to understand some of these timelines that ppl posts. When does the investigation opens?

It really depends on the foreign travel. I was out of the country for 7 years right before going through clearance process. I got my interim in about a week.

I think it depends on specifically what country and what kind of relationships you have.