Secret Clearance still pending since May 2019 (Timeline)

Details - early 20’s, no drug use or criminal activity, U.S derived citizen,

I became naturalized when parent became a naturalized citizen over 10 years ago, i don’t have a certificate of citizenship.

I was forced to resign from a retail job about 5 years ago, this is likely why my interim was denied. I provided clarification during my interview.


May 2019 - Submitted e-qip , fingerprints, credit pulled

2 weeks later - Interim denied

end of July - DoD investigator in person interview. Went well.

Haven’t heard anything since then, my case is still eligibility pending and hasn’t entered adjudication yet. I get monthly emails that my application is still pending.

I am starting to get worried since I haven’t gotten any status updates. I am hoping to start working by May 2020, should I call/email my DoD interviewer, i still have his business card. Is there anything else I can do?

@talion117 Hey did you end up getting the clearance? Asking because I am in the same boat as you in terms of being a derived citizen and not having a certificate of citizenship. Did they ask you to apply for a certificate of citizenship?