interim secret clearance denied


My interim secret clearance was denied with no reason yesterday.
I am a naturalized citizen, I have not credit issue and criminals, clean background.
All my immediate family members live in US, but some of them are not US citizen.

My questions is: How long it takes for final secret clearance to come out from now (after interim secret clearance denied)?


Did you read around the forum at all? You just joined the forum yesterday and are asking for people to address your specific situation, which has already been adressed 1,000 times. Many people have been denied an interim for no specific reason. Interims aren’t granted often anymore. Your clearance process could take 30 days to two years. No one can know for sure. Read around the forum and you can get a good idea of how long others have waited.


I’m too naturalized citizen, and the part that you have foreign contacts are going to flagged and denied interim clearance. There is no published number of denied interim clearance, but most of people I know got denied interim clearance and they are too naturalized citizens.

Case Open: 08/2017
Interim Denied: 09/2017

Case still open and pending as of 03/2018


It depends…what is the degree of influence they have in your life? I have been able to clear several naturalized citizens so don’t worry about that. But I agree an interim may be denied, not due to wrong doing…but it requires scoping. They need see if there is any issue there.