Interim secret clearance denied

My interim secret clearance was denied with no reason yesterday.
I am a naturalized citizen, I have not credit issue and criminals, clean background.
All my immediate family members live in US, but some of them are not US citizen.

My questions is: How long it takes for final secret clearance to come out from now (after interim secret clearance denied)?

Did you read around the forum at all? You just joined the forum yesterday and are asking for people to address your specific situation, which has already been adressed 1,000 times. Many people have been denied an interim for no specific reason. Interims aren’t granted often anymore. Your clearance process could take 30 days to two years. No one can know for sure. Read around the forum and you can get a good idea of how long others have waited.


I’m too naturalized citizen, and the part that you have foreign contacts are going to flagged and denied interim clearance. There is no published number of denied interim clearance, but most of people I know got denied interim clearance and they are too naturalized citizens.

Case Open: 08/2017
Interim Denied: 09/2017

Case still open and pending as of 03/2018

It depends…what is the degree of influence they have in your life? I have been able to clear several naturalized citizens so don’t worry about that. But I agree an interim may be denied, not due to wrong doing…but it requires scoping. They need see if there is any issue there.

Hello, so I have been contacted for a job that requires a secret clearance and was wondering if DUI warrants and automatic denial. It is a now a 4 year old offense and the only one on my record. I understand interims are often denied but I am more asking about that actual secret clearance itself. Can a person have a secret clearance with a DUI on record?

Thank you all

Short answer . . . Yes, you can.

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Thanks @EdFarmerIII!! I actually just ordered the FBI criminal history for myself just to see what was out there. Here is my situation:

I have 3 arrests for DUI but only one should remain on my record due to the disposition and programs of the other 2 which resulted in non-convictions. I said 1 in my original post because of that but now I realize the arrests are there as well. Do they look at arrests, convictions and dispositions, or a combination of them all? I have had counseling and while I don’t have an explanation for them other then being young in my party days (one of them I passed the field sobriety test but not the breathalyzer), do they even give you a chance to plead your case?

This is really coming back to haunt me. Just reaching out to this forum to see what scenarios might play out.

There are no trick questions on the forms . . . If they ask about arrests, you need to answer about arrests. It doesn’t matter if you were arrested and released without charges, found not guilty, plead down to a traffic violation or even if the record was expunged or sealed. If you were arrested, you were arrested. The same goes when they ask about being charged.

All three of your DUIs will likely need to be addressed. You get the chance to explain everything and “youthful exuberance” can be a mitigating factor, three DUIs shows a clear rebellious streak that you are going to have to show it over.

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How long ago are the previous DUI’s? Many years ago? Several? A few? What is your drinking status now? Have you matured? Do you no longer make high risk questionable decisions to drive when you clearly are intoxicated? I have been able to get a person cleared with 2 DUI’s. I never submitted one with 3, nor knew a candidate with 3. Speak to all as Ed said. Not sure why you would get a breathalyzer, if you passed a field sobriety test. But it is possible the officers judgement, training and experience said “this guy is drunk, I just know it.” And he was right. If your age was young at the time of the first 2, it may also mitigate it somewhat.

The earliest DUI arrest was 8 years ago and the most recent is about 4 years ago. First incident, I was 22 years old. This information has all been helpful! Thank you all so much for your help.

One last question, what level clearance is Tier 3 or T3? Is that Secret or just a higher level Public Trust?

How do you know you were denied interim? Did you get an email from your FSO or hiring agency of interim denial? Just curious.