Interim Clearance Denied “pending eligibility”

Hi guys

My employer said that my clearance is pending eligibility and I was denied my interim for my secret clearance. My parents are immigrants from Kosovo so I think I’m held up for that, parents finances (foreclosure + bankruptcy) or previous marijuana use (said I used 4 or 5 times latest being last august).

Submitted eqip and fingerprints may 23rd

How long am I looking for my clearance to pass through? Also what are my options if this stalls beyond a reasonable time?

Last I heard (and this was about a year ago), secret clearances were taking 6-9 months, some faster, a few longer. Yours might run toward the long end.

Are parental finances a concern? I don’t think so but who knows.

What are your options if it drags out? Not great, maybe contact your congressman/woman/?