Interim clearance limbo?

I was interviewed for a position back in May '21 and accepted a job offer on Jun 1st '21 for a contracting company. I had my eQIP sent back a few times for issues mainly with my fingerprints not going through (took 3-4 weeks each time). I submitted the most recent time in mid August and was asked for my social security card, which I needed to apply for a new one, and got that send off to the DoD in the first week of September. The clearance needed is Tier 3 for this position.

I had to relocate for this position and haven’t had a source of income for a solid 4 months, as my previous job that I quit for this one wouldn’t allow for remote work. They can’t seem to come up with any non-clearance for me, and when the security team was asked for an update, they keep saying any day now, and it appears that adjudication is done, but we don’t have a result? Any advice here?

Yeah, find a job. You accepted a TENTATIVE job offer, not a FINAL job offer. How can they give you a final job offer when you need a clearance, which you don’t have and there’s no guarantee of you getting? You not having any income has nothing to do with anyone processing your security clearance.

Avis_Nocturnae, did you accept the firm job offer? DId they pay for relocation assistance? To caveat on what M_B89 stated, unless it is for a federal service position they can bring you on until your clearance is final or denied.

Yes, I did accept the offer. They didn’t pay for relocation, sadly. It’s a federal contracting job (subcontractor of Lockheed) and they don’t have any work for me that doesn’t involve a clearance. I’ve been looking for other employment, but can’t really find too much since potential employers think I’m overqualified (MS) or don’t like the idea of me needing to leave on short notice, possibly shortly after starting. I’ve started pulling some personal contacts for temp work.

Also, as an update to my case, I just got word that my interim clearance was “skipped” and that the full secret investigation was closed on 10-19-2021. No interview, no contacts pulled as far as I can tell. Recruiter and I think the “skip” was likely just due to the issues with my fingerprints, but it’s not a denial. The security office doesn’t seem concerned that I wasn’t contacted by anyone. Anyone have any idea what’s going on? Haven’t read about a skipping of the interim before. My record is devoid of drugs, mental health issues, really any foreign contacts besides college roommates, and no criminal history.

No contact for a Tier 3 investigation for your secret clearance is a good thing.