US Army Civilian hiring Process

I applied, interviewed and received a tentative offer at the end of September which I accepted. Since then it has been really difficult to reach my HR rep. Filled out onboarding paperwork as required which included OF 306. Waited for weeks didn’t hear anything , HR won’t respond to follow up emails and call goes straight to VM. Finally got emails about eqip for sf86 , completed thesame day and emailed HR on fingerprints still no response, 2 days after investigation was closed due to failure to submit prints . HR finally responded with information about prints. I now completed the prints and emailed HR as requested and still have gotten no responses and it’s been over a week. Someone from security contacted me about proof of citizenship to match fingerprinting information of which I sent but since then it’s been a week , security or HR won’t respond about timeframe or next steps. Is it normal that you provided with an HR contact and they never respond to emails or answer questions? I’m just confused about the process and have questions about timeframe but never get a response. Please advice , first time federal employment .

Note: Job requires Secret clearance.

No information has been giving yo me about if the investigation being done will include interim or not.

Unfortunately that sort of experience is not terribly uncommon. Hang in there, this is a useful introduction for your federal career :slight_smile:

Depending on the job, they may be able to bring you on with an interim, or it may require final. In any event, timelines for secret clearances are down to a few months. Of course that assumes that somebody from HR properly coordinates getting everything submitted.


Thank you. I wish i had more information. The fact that HR does not reply to my email about updates and only replies with instructions of she needs information just worries me. I really don’t have anything in my background to worry about.

As for interim do they let you know if it was requested? or this is something HR will only tell you when it is approved or denied. I wasn’t informed about interim , the only thing the conditional offer included was “The employee must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret security clearance”.

It has been a long time since I personally had to deal with interims, all the positions I’ve had for some time now required final clearances. Seems to me most direct-hire civilian positions requiring a security clearance wait for the final clearance but I cant be sure. Some public trust jobs let you start before it is finalized but not secret/top secret.

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Thank you. Will update as i get information

If Army civ personnel is as bad as AF civ personnel…par for the course. Sad but true. If you call my servicing civ personnel you get a 10 minute phone message giving 6 to 8 phone numbers. Every one is incorrect. Been that way 19 months now. And they know the phone numbers are incorrect. We broke ourselves somewhere along the line. And nobody cares.