Clearance processing time

My first post. My situation; I previously hold a s secret clearance (granted interim 6/2015, granted secret 8/2015. DOD Contractor) but due to family circumstances, I took some time off from the workforce for over 24 months . Unfortunately, I was not aware at that time clearances will lapse once over 24 months. Now, fast forward to 2019, last Oct 2019 , a company contacted me and ask if I’m interested in a open position with them . I told the HR person , yes. Without any contingent offer signed , the company started an investigation.
Completed/certify eqip: 10/18/19
Fingerprint competed: 10/29/2019
All paperwork submitted According to FSO: 10/29/2019

10/29/2019 Last time I had communication with the FSO. He said he will let me know once he know something regarding my interim secret(if and when) which he said takes about two weeks.

12/02/2019 Contacted DCSA regarding the investigation. They received my finger print but they have not received the pertaining paperwork(eqip).

11/25/2109, 12/06/2019 e mailed HR, FSO seeking updates about the job/clearance -No response.

Should I just forget about this and move one or am I prematurely worried about the processing of clearance which may take several months?


It seems like you are expecting things to happen way too fast. It’s less than two months since you completed your eqip and it probably didn’t get submitted that day either.

I would consider bugging the FSO until he tells you what date he forwarded your SF-86 so that you have a record.

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According to the FSO last email , he submitted all my paperwork on 10/29/19, probably not the case.

I was laid from my last DoD contract job due to the type of work we do got transferred to DoD civilian.
I was contemplating to applying to other DoD contractors or just wait for the clearance to be process. It’s just annoying that HR,FSO does not response to emails inquiring updates.

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Yeah . . . they get like that. Remember, they might have five to fifty people in the same state as you, depending on the size of the company. You won’t clear any faster by going to a different company. If you can find someone who will bring you in for unclass work and continue your processing that might out well for you.


Don’t pass up any other opportunities. After all, this clearance could come through tomorrow or maybe not for another two years. You have no way of knowing. Of course, having an open investigation for this current position means it may not be any faster applying to other cleared jobs.

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If I took on another job, the company that submitted my SF86 can cancel the process?

Why would you want it cancelled? If you take a non-cleared job, let the process continue and decide what you want to do at the end. If you take another cleared position, your new company can take over your investigation and the old company will have nothing that they need to do.

Would I need to complete another SF 86 or new company can just take over the previous investigation request?


The new company will just take over the processing. You shouldn’t have to fill out a new SF-86 but that doesn’t mean that they will not ask you for one.

Finally received an email form the HR, reads

“There was an issue with processing your clearance and we are no longer continuing the investigation”

What the heck, what issue I wonder?

Lived in the same house for 10 years and we own it, no criminal record, DUI, traffic tickets. Credit history/score is spotless. The only issue I was thinking is perhaps my overseas travel with family for tourism purpose 2016-2019 travel all around Asia( HK, Macau, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea)

That doesn’t sound like a “clearance” issue . . . If it were any of the things that you listed, you would have received a denial. This sounds like the company screwed up but no longer needs to fill the role that were to go into. If it happens soon and the process was actually started, another company should be able to pick it up. But, you are still at the beginning of the process.

Sorry about them dropping the ball on you . . .

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