SC Officer not updating information

I’ve accepted a Contingent Offer of employment February 2019, and after 3 months of waiting and asking, my security clearance officer finally sent me an email with the link and instructions for e-QIP. I am waiting for Secret Clearance before I can begin working.

I submitted the e-QIP and a month later, she told me that she submitted it to the OPM May 31st, of last year (2019)

My officer has been very dodgy with answering emails / phone calls I occasionally make every month or so (as requested by the contractor and by my officer to make sure things are on track).

Back in November she said she was unable to access any of her files due to the switch that was being made in October from the OPM to the DoD, and she wanted to resubmit my e-QIP. So, I filled it out once again and submitted it. To which, she said was sent “right away.”

4~ weeks ago she gave me a similar story. She’s unable to check any of her cases because of “information being moved.” Unless I missed an article, there should be no reason she can’t do her job, for the past month I have tried to contact her.

It has been 243 days since May 31st 2019. I was told several times it would take “about 120 days” for my case to be opened. To this day, I have yet to be told my case has even been OPENED, never mind reviewed.

I am currently unemployed and desperately need to start working, but was told I should start this job by December / January. I have been unable to land a “normal job” because every employer since February asks if I have any other job obligations / potentials, and I have to answer with “This job I was told I’d start around July” …then “December…” and now???" I am just at a loss of what to do.

Start looking for other positions would be a start IMO.


You’re not telling your other prospective employers what they need to hear. “I have some other irons in the fire but it offered, this is the job that I will take.” No one is going to hire you with that other BS.

Nobody can tell you how long your clearance process will take. 120 days? A year? Three years? Nobody knows but people will tell you in order to make you feel better.



Out of no where I found out that my Secret Clearance became active nearly 4 months ago (August).

However, the position that I was going to take is no longer available and the company is “waiting on permission for a new position”

After 3 months of waiting they suggested I apply at other places. Since late November I have been with no luck.

Anyone else having similar situations?

I’ve read on this forum that sometimes contractors will submit multiple people for the same job and fill it with whoever gets cleared and finishes processing first.

Are they at least keeping your clearance active?

Also, what was their excuse for not telling you that your clearance was finished?

Yes, my clearance is staying active for as long as it lasts I suppose.

No excuse given. They forgot to tell me…

Not to split hairs here, but your clearance is not “active.” It will not be active until you get hired someplace and sign non-disclosure agreements and stuff. Your investigation was favorably adjudicated and you are now eligible for a secret clearance. Your investigation is “current.”

What does this mean for you? It means that you can put down on a resume that you were favorably adjudicated for access to secret information based on a background investigation that was completed on XXX. So you need to find out the date of the investigation, if you don’t already know it.

How do you do that? I don’t know… I’ve always gotten it from the JPAS operator where I worked, but that may not be an option for you. Maybe the company that put you in for the clearance will help you out.