Processing security clearance

I have submitted my eQIP and am just waiting for the investigation to be completed. I have not accepted the job, but was wondering if my security clearance was completed and I did not take the position, will my clearance remain active? Or do I have to go through the same process with another sponsor?


In most cases, once your clearance is granted you can take it anywhere. You have up to 2 years to use that clearance before a new investigation will be needed. I was granted a clearance after a long wait, then the company no longer had that postiion available. I ended up taking that clearance to another company…

You said that you have not accepted the job, but I thought has to be offered a tentative job one would fill out the e-qip application? Anyway I was issued a tentative job offer on April 2015 and my investigation was completed on August 2016; my tentative job offer was withdrawn on April 2018( 3 years after the offer) and I have been waiting for adjudication since August 2016. Just exercise patience.