Periodic Reinvestigation

On March the 5th I completed my PR and submitted it. It’s been close to 60 days so I called the Freedom Information number just to see if it has at least been accepted. I was told that nothing is showing up but my last security clearance that was granted in 2007. Is this normal or did my FSO not submit it. I understand there’s a backlog but shouldn’t it show something saying that I did my part?

I don’t know all the details but in some cases, DSS (the agency that runs eQIP) is holding onto people’s files before submitting them to OPM (the agency that runs the investigations). That could be what is happening here.

There was another post on here that seemed to indicate a rather shocking disconnect between what they were told by the OPM phone line and what their local FSO could see in JPAS.

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Thank you. It just doesn’t make sense to me. My FSO said the closer it gets to 90 days they’ll start making calls. Not sure if that will move anything alone but any little will help.

I think that post was me…though my question is still up in the air. But yeah, my FSO and even DSS seems to be confused as to what OPM is doing with me.

DSS is metering the release of investigations to OPM to offset costs and backlog. It could be up tp 90 days from the time you submit your e-QIP to the time it is scheduled at OPM.

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Thank you Marko. I guess that’s why my FSO said that if she didn’t hear anything by day 90 she would have to make some calls.

One day we hear contractor processing is at a full stop, then we hear contractor Poly’s are full stop, and today we had an investigator show up to conduct interviews for one of my upgrades. It is hard getting a straight answer to what is happening. I’m grateful to see some progress. Right now the approvals I am seeing are from submissions in July 2016.

I have a question and hopefully someone can help me understand. I’m a contractor in a position that requires a secret clearance. It went “out of scope” on the 9th of April and I filled out the EQip paperwork for a PR in early March. My FSO is telling me I have a active clearance, but the government hasn’t picked up my EQIP application yet. How is this possible? Do I have a active clearance or not? I’m trying to get a new job with another company and they were telling me I didn’t have enough time left on my clearance for me to work for them. This is so confusing to me.

I can share my experience as someone whose PR recently was “granted” or “final” or whatever you call it. Yes, your clearance is still ‘active’ at your current employer but as you are finding out, it is going to be quite a challenge to find some other company willing to pick you up. In fact we were having trouble even passing clearances or sending visit requests for some of us in adjudication limbo.

As far as your eQIP not being picked up, apparently DSS (who runs the eQIP site) is slowing down the release of packets from eQIP to OPM to help with the backlog. How this helps, I don’t know, but in some cases there is a delay of a month or two!

Okay, I’m hoping to hear something by at least next month. It’s been about 65 days since I finished and submitted my PR. I just really want this new job.

If I decide to leave the company I’m with now while my PR is open would that slow up or stop the my investigation? At this point I’m tired of waiting and the only reason I’m still with this company is because I’m trying to wait for the completion of my PR.

Since it has only been a couple of months there’s a pretty good chance the government will cancel the investigation once your current employer notifies them that you have left. It is pretty difficult (in most cases but not all) for a new employer to pick up your clearance while you’re in the middle of a PR.

At least that was my experience… couple places said they could not see where I had any clearance at all, all they could see was my last completed investigation which was over five years old.

According to a government security manager, government employees still need to submit their periodic update packet within the five year window. That is, they need to submit their eQIP before the five year anniversary of their most recent investigation.

Or not.

This security manager went on to say that it might not get submitted on time, and it might not get started on time, and some people were coming up on the seven year anniversary of their most recent investigation without a new investigation being initiated.

In other words, it is still a hot gooey mess.

My last and only PT investigation was over 10 years ago.

My last investigation was completed in 2012. My PRI (TS/SCI) was submitted into clearance system in March 2018; However, I was told by my FSO that the investigators are so backlogged it might be 4 months (at the MIN) until my PRI is assigned an actual investigator.

The time it takes to initially meet with an investigator depends on the urgency of your case (PRs without issues - reported or developed - tend to be lower priority, while initial cases normally take precedence), the location of your case, and sometimes, good luck.

I’ve complained on here repeatedly about my PR that took over three years to be finally adjudicated, but the investigation went pretty quickly. Submitted the forms in August, subject interview in October, investigation complete in January.

At least it all behind me now. And everyone lived happily ever after

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can I get my interim HRPT with financial problems that are being mitigated?

There is no interim process for public trust positions. The agency reviews the OF306 and eqip for initial suitability or fitness and decides whether to continue onboarding.

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Did this change? Back in 2006 when I began my Federal career and still for contractors they get an Interim and work on site with the interim until the final MBI is completed. In 2006 my interim was 3 months and final MBI was 1 year later.