Are there any delays?


I recently accepted an offer with a contractor an submitted my Eqip on March 4th and Fingerprints done around the same time. I have not heard anything from my FSO and im wondering if my case has been opened. I was given a time frame of 2 weeks for an interim but that has not been the case. Are investigators still taking cases?

Nothing moving currently. Essentially all services are locked down. We will once again have another clog point but we had them since about 1989 or so.

Investigators are still actively working.


I received my interim yesterday so something must be moving along. good luck to you


Hi, do you mind me asking when you submitted your eqip?

yep. I submitted in early Feb, but there was an error so it was sent back to me march 10. got the interim this week. worth noting that this was for an upgrade, with my previous adjudication in Nov. 2019

That could be why… I’m hopeful that my investigation has been started.

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I am in a similar situation waiting for my public trust to go through. I completed my eqip on March 6 and fingerprints on March 9. Someone at my company told me that if you have had a previous public trust, it usually doesn’t take the entire 3 months usually less like 2 weeks. But it’s almost been 3 weeks. Just wondering if the coronavirus pandemic has anything to do with it and is causing background investigations to take longer or not at all.

I’ve seen on another post, saying investigators are working on cases and interviews are being done by phones and they can receive documents by fax. Hopefully, that is true and my case is being pushed through. It’s been 3 weeks for me and my credit has not been pulled by OPM. I guess, I just have to wait .

I read some things posted on other threads as well, but I wasn’t sure if location as well as other reasons were a factor.

Are you waiting for a PT as well or clearance?

No, I’m just waiting for a secret clearance.

I submitted my e-Qip on Jan 22nd and my case still hasn’t picked up yet and I have around 3 weeks until application termination. My FSO checks JPAS weekly and nothing is changing. It is really odd. I am not sure what is going on. I am hearing people saying their investigation starts within a month after submitting the paperwork

Your FSO is checking in the wrong place. Get that person out of JPAS and into PSU - that’s where the real work begins. JPAS is simply a repository.

I’m sorry to hear that. I’m hoping we all we the clearance we need.

what is PSU? never heard of it before.