Completion Time for SF-85P

Filled out the EQIP for the SF-85P in early February. Had my security interview in mid-February.
Called the security office yesterday and they told me it looks like only a single work check for a company I worked at 3 years ago is still pending.

Do these checks typically take this long, and how long should I expect it to be before completion? I know it can vary from case to case but if it’s only one check remaining could it really take that long? Are there other time extensive processes that occur after all these checks?

I’m asking this because the company I’m employed for requesting this Public Trust has just told me they are tired of waiting for the check to complete and are letting me go soon regardless of completion by a specific date. I should add as well, that there was some kind of issue initially at the start of the process that prevented me from continuing work until the investigation is completed. I have not been able to find out any information on an ETA or what the initial issue was.

I had a lower Public Trust completed a couple of years ago without issue.

Thank you in advance for any input!

The company you work for is tired of waiting after a month and a half? Seriously? Have they ever done this before?

Your company doesn’t understand the process at all. You’re far from the end if you haven’t even reached adjudication yet.

Good to know, I won’t keep my fingers crossed it will be done by end of month then.

Yeah that’s what they said. To be fair they’ve continued paying me to self train in the meantime, which is why they are probably cutting it short.

If they had any sort of experience with investigations they would understand that their expectations are absurd.