Public Trust SF85P processing time

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Its been 4 and half months since I submitted my e-quip for SF85P and so far there is no activity whatsoever. Non of my contacts have been contacted or credit pulled. Does it really take this long? If anyone can share/help me, I will appreciate it.:slightly_smiling_face:

I am currently working in the D.C area and I am working on public trust cases from 2015.

What?!! Public trust really takes this long? From what I have read/research, people were getting it in less than 1 month in most cases. If you can please tell me why does it take this much time (I am in DC area).

With the new “tiered investigations” there are different investigative requirements depending on the position. From what I can tell, some public trust investigations are as involved as security clearance investigations used to be.

My investigation has already been closed. It was closed 3 months ago. I am still waiting to hear about a final decision about whether not I will be granted a security clearance. I would like to know how long this takes. MY company told me that I am not eligible to work as CAT I as a DOD contractor. Does this affect whether or not I will get my security clearance? Help

CAT I? Like a CAT I Linguist?

It looks like a generalized situation all across the board. I hold MRPT with HHS and I am switching to State Dept due to a new job. I require the same MRPT from State to start my new job. Since State does not accept clearance from other USG agencies, the contracting agency has to do my clearance from scratch. I submitted by eQIP in December and fingerprints were received 01/03/2017. I was informed last month that my interim clearance is denied. However, HHS gave me interim clearance within 30 days (this was back in 2014 when things were relatively fast) and my full MRPT clearance finished in 6 months. These days it seems to take 5 months just to get to the point of interim clearance. I hear from many hiring managers that denial of interim clearance seems to be the norm these days.

The most frustrating part of the process is the lack of information. I kow for sure that none of my country contacts have been approached yet (I am based at a US mission abroad at the moment) and the person who does clearances at the US embassy has not received any information about me. It’s been 6 months and nothing seems to be moving and there is no information from any source. Meanwhile, I am separated from family because of this clearance process and it is only adding to the stress. I guess that is part of the course. Fortunately, I am able to continue to in my current job with HHS.

I understand I am not alone in this frustration and delays. I hope sharing our experiences will result in some consolation and lessen the stress.

Just that part alone shows how broken the system is. You hold a current and active public trust clearance with one USG entity, and another agency can deny you an INTERIM???

Not sure this is “fraud” but “waste and abuse” are definitely at play here.

Yep! I hold an active clearance with HHS and I am working at a US mission abroad for the past 3 years. I find it interesting that DOS denies my interim clearance for the same level clearance. As you said, it shows how broken the system is.

@Nomad, the lack of information is definitely very frustrating. Its been months and what I don’t understand is what it is they actually do on day to day basis that takes months. The system is really seems to be broken where a person like you has to wait months and months while you still HAVE public trust. I do hope you get it soon and be able to see your family.:slightly_smiling_face:

Without knowing the full picture on why DoS is not accepting reciprocity I cannot fully advise, but page 11 on the document outlines the requirements to accept reciprocity:

Thank you, Marko. I was informed by DoS that they will accept secret and top secret clearance from other USG agencies, but not MRPT. They did not give me a reason why.

This is the response I received from my POC at DoS after I shared the reciprocity document

A security clearance such as Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret are eligible for reciprocity. A Moderate Risk Public Trust (MRPT) is not a clearance, but an access so it does not fall under the rules of reciprocity because each agency has different investigation guidelines that they follow for the MRPT or its equivalent. Your MRPT through the CDC/HHS is not eligible for reciprocity. The investigation through State will continue for a final determination and you will be notified once that final determination has been made.

In my professional opinion, whomever told you that is incorrect, Reciprocity applies to investigations at the same or higher level needed for the position. No matter the agency, all public trust investigations done by OPM have the same components. The only exception are those that require the additional SF-85PS.

My MRPT was approved today!! This is the most wonderful news for me in 2017. However, I don’t know what happens after MRPT is approved. I received the following notice in the email attachment:

A Moderate Risk Public Trust Certification (MRPT) has been processed and the employee(s) indicated below is approved for assignment to contract XXXXXX.
This memorandum does not constitute notification of a security clearance and access to classified information is not authorized. Prior to expiration a new Standard Forms 85P, 85PS, Credit Release Form and Fingerprint Card(s) must be submitted for renewal.

What does the above paragraph mean? I submitted the forms and fingerprints along with eQIP back in January. Do I have to do it again? Any advice is much appreciated.

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I don’t have any experience with Public Trust, but for a security clearance, you have to submit a new packet before your investigation expires. But I didn’t think you’d have to submit fingerprints again…???

Anybody know how long a Public Trust is good for? Secret is ten years, TS is five.

Anyway that’s what I think they are trying to say.

Public Trust positions are reinvestigated every 5 years. The notification may mean that you will be required to resubmit at the 5 year mark from your last investigation closing date. You should ask the POC that sent you the notification for clarification.

Good morning guys,

My company’s security department does not seem to have any answers about the status of my MRPT investigation and I am getting a bit frustrated.

When I was interviewed for the position, I was told that the hiring process (including the investigation) would not take more than 2 months but I have been waiting for 6 months already. My references and I were interviewed, by a former FBI special agent working as a private investigator, on the second week of October. I will be working as a contractor in the Middle East whenever I get the approval.

Does anybody know of any effective ways to check the status of the process?



Ask your FSO what the actual status is in JPAS. For my MRPT, I was interviewed in early June and the investigation wasn’t closed in JPAS until end of September - 3 1/2 months later. That still means adjudication was pending, but JPAS doesn’t reflect that status.

Here’s a data point that will confound some -
Colleague of mine in same team started on this contract at same time in Oct 2017 when we each filed out our SF85P.

We go the ATO within a week or two, so we’ve been working ever since.

I had my BI interview in June 2018. He just had his this week - December 2018…14 months after E-QIP submission!

This is for Moderate Risk Public Trust, which is a T2S investigation.