SF85P Public Trust Interim Clearance time line

I submitted paper form SF85P for Public trust 6 weeks ago to my company’s HR. Last week my company ask me to fill SF85P on Equip. Most of the form was pre filled with my answers. Any one knows how long it will take to get the Interim once SF85P is submitted via Equip. The Govt agency is Dept of State.

You do not get an interim for a pubic trust. You are granted an entry on duty (EOD) or denied EOD.

Thanks Harpoon. Do u know how long it takes to get a EOD after submitting SF85P via Qquip at Dept of State.

That answer is anybody’s guess. Could be a month, could be a year. It all depends on your background.

If you are granted EOD is it likely that you will be granted public trust? I have read that people who get interim clearance are likely to get full clearance. Is the public trust situation similar?

It all depends on what is discovered during the investigation.

My observations from doing this for a lot of years is that being honest and forthcoming on the form and getting an interim or PT EOD before investigation completion means you won’t have issues down the road - even when you have to talk to an investigator.