Do Public Trust Background Interims exist?

I was wondering if there is such a thing as a Public Trust Interim (clearance, yes I know its not an actual clearance). I received a tentative

So basically I’ve had at times Secret, Top Secret, and currently inactive secret clearances. My current job required a background investigation but just a basic one. I have no criminal past, no drug offense, no debt nor was I ever in trouble financially. Given all this, if I were to complete an SF 85p is it possible to be granted an interim Public Trust in the meantime in order to begin working while the background check occurs? Basically can they give me an EOD date, start working, while waiting for the background investigation to be completed?

Also the job announcement did not require a drug screening. Is this an indication of whether this is a moderate or high risk Public Trust Background?

It depends on the agency, some want a fully adjudicated PT before on boarding.

Im in the same boat. I was told i was waiting for an interim to get my eod for the public trust. I accepted the offer in August still haven’t heard anything. I already have a public trust with my current job so im not sure why it would take so much longer.

If you have a PT already, then I would think it could transfer to the new agency?

The agency I work for (non defense) gave an ATO (authorization to operate) upon submitting my SF85P and other onboarding paperwork.

Nope, the new agency said they do things different there. So yep im just waiting… I have no patience thats for sure.

Thanks, I think that this is a major reason for the backlog, there should be reciprocity.

There should be reciprocity.

Thats what I thought too. Ive been waiting since September for my interim its still pending with my new agency. Both agencies fall under the same department.