Does interim mean I’ll probably get clearance

Hey everyone. Need a little advice. So I applied for a government contractor position and it’s a high risk public trust position (did sf-85p). I’ve already gone through my interview process with investigator and he submitted his paperwork 4 weeks ago as of today. Since then the people that hold the contracts said they granted me an interim clearance and set my start date in about a week. I did have a misdemeanor (brandishing firearm) that was dismissed after probation. I have yet to hear anything if my clearance was approved and I’m very hesitant that it will get denied even though I have an interim and then I would have left my current job and then lose that job if denied clearance. Anyone have suggestions or information that would help? I don’t feel like just because I got an interim means that I will get my clearance, or is it the adjudicator that says my paper work looks good enough to get an interim until it’s complete? Thank you EVERYONE!

You filled out the SF85-P which is for public trust positions. You have been granted Entry on Duty (EOD) to start work. You do not have a security clearance or an interim security clearance.

Hmmm, my personnel security manager told me I was granted a interim clearance to begin work. I’m aware it’s not a secret or TS dod clearance but when I asked about working before they said I needed my public trust to be done or an interim to start.

They are probably confused or just telling you “clearance” because most people know that term. Thanks, Hollywood!

You do not have an interim clearance based on the information you’ve provided.

You are undergoing a suitability investigation for a moderate/high risk public trust position. Some positions allow an applicant to EOD while the investigation and adjudication are ongoing.

So who grants that EOD? The state department? Or the company I will be working for that has the contract? Does this mean I have a good chance of being cleared for eligibility then?

The agency conducting your investigation.

So does them granting me that mean I stand a good chance in getting the full eligibility? I really don’t want to start a job on EOD only to be denied and lose my current job and the new job offer…

Maybe or maybe not. There’s a good chance that your background is clear but the investigator could find something that could disqualify you. I’ve had investigators get an interim and lose their clearance