EOD(interim clearance)

Hello Everyone,

Im in need of help so I recently was offered a job with a contractor for FEMA. I submitted an SF85P E-Qip form for a high risk Public Trust and now awaiting for the next steps. While I am awaiting the completion of my investigation the offer is contingent on being able to obtain a EOD. I have been terminated for a job before and my credit is shot but everything is currently on payment plans and I am rebuilding my credit.No history of drug use or no run ins with the law but I was just wondering will it disqulify me from getting the interim clearance.

I was also wondering how long does a EOD generally take to obtain.

Interim clearance is not an EOD. You also don’t get interim clearance for public trust positions. Public trusts positions and clearance positions differ.

An EOD generally refers to entrance on duty, or the day you start. That date is up to the employer.

They’ll be assessing your initial suitability pre-EOD. The reason you got fired, how long ago, and the severity of your financials will be examined.

Oh ok well I was just told by the person who is handling my Eqip package she sent my employer the go ahead to start work for this new job while my background investigation is in progress.