Public Trust Timeline/Concerns


I got a contingent offer from the IRS based on me getting a Public Trust clearance. I was arrested for a DUI off base while on active duty, but the charges were dropped. This was 4.5 years ago. Got an article 15, received in-patient treatment for drinking while still on active duty, and finished my contract.

I also have some debt that is current, but obviously the new job will speed up the process of paying it off. Those are the only two things that I’m concerned about. Does anyone have any insight on if those 2 things would be a major issue, and possible timelines to finish everything up?

I should get the SF85 in 60-90 days,but wanted to do some research now. I have another job in the pipeline that ill probably turn down for this, but i don’t want to turn down other opportunities if i cant get a Public Trust.


When did you get your eod ?

Im late replying, but i ended up getting an interim fairly quickly. I want to say it was 6-8 weeks from when i submitted my equip to when i could start working.