Adjudication time for MRPT (SF85P) clearance

I completed my in person interview last week with the investigator who said it will go to review soon after she filed it. The clearance is for a non-defense department. What kind of times are we seeing now for Adjudication for Medium Risk Public Trust clearances?

How long did it take to get to the interview? Do you have anything of concern? This can lengthen Adjudication times.

The correct term is moderate risk public trust. Once all required items are completed and the investigation is closed agencies have up to 90 days to adjudicate. It is usually a lot less, but depends on the workload and if and serious issues are present.

The interview was initially scheduled about 6 months after the SF-85P was completed. That was then rescheduled for logistical reasons and happened about 8 months after the SF-85P.

My concerns are tax debt, which is on an approved IRS installment plan and a single credit card delinquency that is also on an installment plan with the issuer. All this was disclosed and discussed in the BI.

Also a DUI from 2013 that was not a crime in the state it occured, but rather a motor vehicle violation. So, there is no criminal record but I disclosed the whole incident and discussed in the BI as well.

Your good to go sapguy.

Appreciate your confidence. :slight_smile: I’m curious what gives you that warm and fuzzy (on my behalf).

We all have some issues here and there, trust me, your GTG.

an update to this:

  • SF85P completed Oct 15 2017
  • BI interview in person June 7 2018
  • JPAS shows investigation complete Sep 26, 2018

I have not gotten notification either way. Today is Sep 27, so right now it’s only 1 days since the closing of the investigation. Does this mean adjudication is also complete if JPAS shows my investigation is closed? If I was found ineligible, would that have happened already or is ‘closed’ status mean no news = good news?

No . . . It means that your file will soon be in the hands of the adjudicators but it could still be several months before it’s assigned to an adjudicator.

That’s interesting, and amazing that we’re going beyond a year for full process of a MRPT T2S investigation. I did request my full BI report using the INV100 form now that it’s closed out.

Are the installments paid large enough to reduce your principal balance? One reason DOHA has denied appeals on security clearance cases is that, while paying toward an IRS debt, the amount paid was only cutting into the penalties and interest and not reducing the principal balance. IRS-approved payment plans to require that the payment amount reduces your principal balance. I assume OPM has similar rules for suitability/fitness.

No one cares about a 7-year-old DUI, so long as you are not a current alcoholic and preferably went through some alcohol diversion program.