Adjudication process

When a clearance is in adjudication, how long will it usually take for the final approval, and do you have to request to get an interim while waiting for your periodic to be approved since it lapsed due to loss of juris diction previously?


Adjudication depends on the issues, agency, and level of clearance. If your investigation is clean or only has minor issues that don’t require any follow up then usually within 21 days of the agency receiving the case.

I am one among several thousand disaster related home inspectors who were previously working as independent contractors (1099) for a FEMA contractor. Under a 2014 employment model we are now W-2 employees of that FEMA contractor. After a declared disaster we deploy from home and do on site verification of survivor’s credentials and determine the dwelling damages and needs assessment. We are in their homes and PII. This is a Public Trust position and we all have had SF85P within the last 5 years.
Under the new employee contact we are starting from zero rather than re-investigation, a new SF85P, and for some reason now have a requirement for a personal interview. This is MBI moderate position not a BI and we now have DHS SmartCards.
What is the reason that would cause non “triggered” SF85Ps to now require an expensive OPM interview? Thanks.

Reinvestigations for moderate risk public trust positions are usually NACLCs done on the SF-85P if initiated within 6 years of the previous MBI, so it is unknown as to why they are requesting MBIs again. If the security official screening the SF-85P sees issues that will need additional information for resolution he may initiate the full MBI, but there are no automatic trigger questions.

Its been a month since my case file was closed. I guess they are backup for lack of staff.