I have my Periodic Investigation done in April 2014, CALNET was the company sponsoring my PR. The investigation closed in July 17th, since then I am waiting for Adjudication. I contacted my FSO many times and he mentioned that he recently submitted a request for Adjudication on about Monday 6th of October 14, as well as contacted my FSO of my most recent and last employer who laid me off in January of this year for the end of the contract but they contacted me for another position that is available now, my other FSO also submitted a request for an update and Adjudication. How do I know the reason for the delay, and how long usually it takes to get adjudicated. If there is any problem is there anyone should notify my, whom should I ask, can I call my investigator who conducted my PR interview in April of 2014. I really need help how to start and where do I go and whom do I ask and get my adjudication done, so I can apply for jobs, and relax from worrying about my clearance. Please help provide any assistance in this regard.

There is nothing you can do to speed up the adjudication of a background investigation. It is based on the issues in the case, if any, the priority of your position, and the caseload. You said this was a PR, so I would assume you have a clearance still? If that is they case then what is the issue?

Thank you, I highly appreciate your responses and notes. It was my PR in April after 5 years of the first grant of TS/SCI in 2009, I still have my clearance but worried why it takes too long for adjudication. My last employer recruiter and FSO offered me a new position but when checked my clearance my FSO said to me that my clearance is not complete and it is not final and stopped, she submitted a request I believe to the OPM because they need me to get started at my position in November. On the other hand the FSO of CALNET company, who sponsored my second investigation in April 2014,he mentioned that the investigation is closed on July 17 and just waiting for adjudication, he said three months after the close of investigation are quite enough and should submit a request as well for adjudication, he did submit a request, that was three weeks ago. I still call my two FSOs for updates to see where I am at. Please provide any advise, I am really worried. As far as I know adjudication does not take more that 2 to 3 months according to an article I read about it here on the, so why it takes that long for me? it there anyway to know or to do something, seems that I am loosing job opportunities for the same reason when any company offer me a job but when they check my clearance the see it is not complete neither final. What to do and where to go? May God bless you.