Adjudication 3+ Years

Hi, I was wondering if I could get some opinions about my situation. I’m a technically professional that has been working 20 years. 10 years ago I hired on at company doing contract work for the government. I was granted my TS/SCI w/ ploy in 2010. I came up for renewal in 2015 and completed the SF86 right away. It has been suggested to me my investigation completed in 2016, with no issues, and I have been in adjudication since. (Although I never actually met with the investigator. My old security office suggested I was in some short form of the process? I also was actually indoc’d into a new program last summer but some how I was never updated in JPAS. I found out that issue the day I left my prior employer.) I decided to change companies this past summer not completely realizing my adjudication was still in progress. Since my adjudication was in progress I seem to have lost my TS/SCI. My new employer managed to get my old TS re-instated based on 2010 re-instated but I’m back in adjudication. I have to wait for that to complete before I can be granted a SCI again. To the best of my knowledge there were no issues with my re-investigation. (I have asked my former and current security office if they know whats going on and I get no details.) It’s strange to think that I’m still in process of re-review 4 years later. My current position is somewhat contingent on my ability to get my SCI again. Is this normal? I guess I just wait it out. I should be at my next 5 year review soon…

My last job we had a number of people (including me) who had to wait over 2 years to get a final adjudication. This was all with the same customer. None of us left the company before the final clearance was granted, so I don’t know how that might have turned out.

In my case, I submitted a privacy act request about my adjudication. Shortly thereafter I was contacted by an adjudicator for some routine info. I have no idea if the two events are connected but it can’t hurt to try.

BTW is the government customer sponsoring your clearance now the same as the one that was sitting on your adjudication for years?