What is my status while under a Periodic Review?

I have had a Security Clearance sine 1990 and I have had a TS/SCI since 2001. I am in the process of a Periodic Review, but my last Adjudication Date in 11 December, 2016. Reviews currently take close to one-year. I currently work in an environment where I use my TS/SCI. What is the date that I should put down on clearancejobs.com for my TS/SCI being good “through?”


I am in a similar situation so I am trying to make sure I understand your question. What do you mean by “my last Adjudication Date in 11 December, 2016?” To me that sounds like your periodic review is complete and has been adjudicated, so you should be good for five years from that date.

Please let me know if I am missing something.

My Periodic Review is under way, but the adjudication date from the last periodic review was 10 Dec 2011. I am OK because the investigation is current.


Are you putting your info on clearancejobs.com in hopes of finding a new position? You are OK at your current job where you have an “active” clearance, but you may have problems trying to go somewhere else. I think that if somebody else looks up your clearance in JPAS they may only see that 2011 date and not see a “current” clearance.

I’m hoping somebody else joins our conversation to shed some light.

I am in the army reserves and I am an MI officer. I am required to have a TS/SCI. That part is not as issue.


You may remain "in access as long as your last investigation closed within the past 7 years and a PR in in progress. The closed date is the important one, not the adjudication date. You shouldn’t worry about a “good through date”, just that you have an active clearance and a PR is in progress.


Do you think that with new Leadership coming in to office that they have also slowed down processing contractor investigations that are in progress to expidite the investigations of those coming in to office in January?

I think it will depend on who is tasked to conduct the investigations. If done by OPM I would they request an expedite and once completed sent to the top of the adjudicator’s caseload.How it impacts contractor invetsigations currently in the pipeline, I don’t think it would have that much of an impact.

@marko.hakamaa my last investigation closed nearly three years ago but I am still in adjudication. Can another company pick up my clearance if I switch jobs?