Should I wait for my adjudication?

I’ve had a TS/SCI since 1998. I have used it continuously since that time and have gone through several periodic investigations and adjudications. My latest investigation closed 2 months ago and I am now waiting for the adjudication. There will be no changes to my current clearance level. My question is: how important is the adjudication? If I were to change jobs before receiving it, what would be the consequences? Would I need to start the investigation over again, or would the current investigation just be submitted for a new adjudication?

I’m told my adjudication should arrive within a few weeks. I will wait that long, but not much longer.

Thanks a lot for any information!

If you already hold a clearance then waiting for the adjudication on a periodic reinvestigation is not a big deal since a new employer can pick up your clearance under reciprocity and can request a copy of the completed reinvestigation for adjudication themselves.

I was in a similar situation and some employers were reluctant to take a chance that my adjudication would linger for a long time which has been happening quite a bit lately. If you are interviewing the potential employer may not even be able to see your clearance, or may only see your last adjudicated clearance which now looks like it is expired.

Whoever said adjudication will take a few weeks is being somewhat optimistic :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response!